Your home is not only the composition of the materials compiled to create a refuge and comfort. Every cubic centimeter, it does not matter whether it solid or seemingly empty space is filled with endless vibrating energy fields. Set of undulating energy fields intersect inside and outside the space at home. There are a myriad of different areas inside your home. In addition to purely physical structure of your home and physical objects within it have the emotional energy and a lot of spiritual and ethereal energy, constantly moving inside the house.

Physical environment in your home – its location relative to the sun and wind, surrounding vegetation, landmasses and river routes, as well as the manner by which the house is connected to the environment all this affect the energy fields in your home.

The materials from which the house is made and things in it, the chemical elements that make up the material also influence the energy fields. For example, the energy of the pine is more agile and radiant than hard, landing energy of the oak. Location of raw materials also affects the energy. For example, the oak, which grew in the forest, has an energy that differs from the energy of an oak grown on plantations. A method of processing materials (either manual or factory) also affects the energy field. In addition, the color of the walls and furnishings, the type of lighting, air quality, odors, room size and distance of the house removed from the land – all these are physical factors that affect the flow of energy.

Your thoughts and feelings, thoughts and feelings of your family and guests are constantly changing the energy of living space. Emotions have their own power structure, which depends on the emotions that have been previously. Let’s say you entered a room where there was a dispute, and felt the density of the air. This residual energy field after a strong emotion, dedicated to the dispute.

Psychometrics is based on the idea that human feelings, thoughts, and especially lay their imprint on the physical objects with which an individual comes in contact and his entourage. All thoughts and feelings present inhabitants, as well as feelings and thoughts of former residents, affect the emotional energy in your home.

Thought-form, personality and deeds of those who lived on the land even before the house was built, also affect the emotional energy in the house. Every physical object inside the home is the emanation (radiation) of the people who owned the object, as well as the energy of the object’s creator.

Buildings constructed at the burial site, are influenced by the emotional energy surrounding the gravesite. The structure of housing can also affect the emotional energy. For example, high ceilings elevate mood, and low can cause a sense of emotional depression. Every part of your home highlights and reveals the emotional energy fields.

Your house has an aura, just as you are. On the aura of the house affect the physical form and physical objects in the home, emotional, thought-forms of what is happening in it, penetrating the field of spiritual energy around the house. The field of spiritual energy is produced by people, trees, earth and the surrounding landscape. Main earth energy, called the field lines, also affects the spiritual aura of the house. (The field lines are created by the electric current passing through the Earth’s crust along faults and voids.) But the most important thing that affects the spiritual energy of your home is love, give and receive inside the walls of the house.

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