The mind can create reality – this is probably the greatest discovery in human history. Everything that exists in the material world was initially a thought or idea generated by someone’s mind, and then incarnated into reality! Everything in life starts with thoughts, desires, hopes and dreams in our mind or the minds of others. Thought creates and transform the world.

The main conclusion of any religion, philosophy, metaphysics, psychology, and success is: “You become what you think about the most of the time.” The outside world becomes a map of the world’s internal mirroring and materializing your innermost thoughts.

Thousands of successful people asked the question: what do they think most of the time. The most common response was the phrase: they think about what they want to achieve and how to do it.

Losers think and talk mostly about what they want. They sorted out their problems and concerns and are looking for the guilty. And the lucky are focused on what they want more than anything else.

Life without clear goals is like driving in thick fog. Regardless of the capacity and facilities of your car you are driving slowly, uncertainly, moving with difficulty, even on a good road. Goal setting instantly dispels the fog and lets you concentrate. Clear goals allow you to press the gas and raced toward what you crave most.


Imagine that you put a pigeon in a cage, cover it with a blanket, and put the cage in the box and the box – in a closed van. You can drive a thousand miles in any direction, but if it makes you open the van, pull out the box and sent out the dove, he will fly up, will describe a couple of laps in the air and fly back to its own home. This is the only creation on earth, except a person having such an incredible cyber-search function targets.

People are also endowed with such ability to achieve the goal, with only a wonderful addition: when you absolutely see the clear idea of the ultimate goal, you will not have to know where it is or how to get there. After determining it you immediately begin to move towards your goal, and that in turn moves toward you. At the right time in the right place and you meet your goal.

Due to this tremendous mechanism hidden in the depths of your mind, you achieve any goals. You always go in the direction to each other: if your goal is to go home quickly and sit in front of the TV, it would happen, the ring you are trying to create a wonderful life full of happiness, health and prosperity, and achieve this. Mechanism operates somewhere beyond our comprehension. Like a computer, it functions smoothly, providing you with everything you need.

Nature is indifferent size and scope of your desires. If your inhibitions are modest, the automatic mechanism to achieve the objectives will help you to meet them.

If you think globally, the same mechanism will implement the biggest of your dreams. The quantity and quality of goals depends only on you.

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