You are inseparable from the house where you live, just as inseparable from the air you breathe. Your house is not only a continuation of your thoughts and feelings, but in a more general sense – it’s “you.” You are not less house than the body. Both of them are external manifestation of your inner energy fields.

In the deepest sense of home there is a mirror of your consciousness. Just as the body is a symbol of the internal state, and the house reflects your inner state. Even doctors, following these traditions are beginning to recognize that there is a connection between mind and body and the body may be a mirror image of consciousness. If a person has a sore throat and he lost his voice, it shows that he wanted to say something, but could not. Emotional difficulties are manifested in the body.

House is the mirror of your inner being as surely as the body. For example, water may represent emotions. Clogged plumbing could mean littered emotions. Break through plumbing means overflow with the emotions. You can change minds, changing the energy in the house. Windows are your eyes looking at the world around you. Even a simple washing of the windows, with the intent to clearly see your way in life, affects the clarity of your life.

Your home has consciousness

Not only each part of the world has a conscience, but your house has a consciousness. Homes, as well as people feel the way we treat to them. They are living spirits in them, which are supported by respect and love that we feel for it. Without this care, they become lifeless and inanimate: the spirit is removed, and they are just physical structures, which can neither support us nor help us. Your home is a growing, creative being. It can be closed in itself, or open. It has cycles just like everything in nature.

You can communicate with your home. The house can be your ally or enemy. House cares about you and wants to support you. Your home not only reflects you, your feelings and interests, but on a deeper level, interacts with you, and through it you can both grow. Your home is growing with you. Respect and attention with which you keep the house, can awaken an ancient and once again revived the spirit of the bottom of your soul that will help home to feel, this power can heal you from the very center of the heart and soul. Understanding of the three principles forms the basis, starting from which you can clean and enhance the energy in your home.

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