There is nothing outside of you that is not yours. Due to the fact that we perceive reality in the way of linear time, we cannot understand this reason; to describe it in words is rather exhaustively.

Many of the difficulties that people experience during this period of evolution are because of a mistaken belief – a belief that we are independent beings, not related to our planet, with animals and trees, not related to each other and sometimes even separated from ourselves. The Western view of things claims that we are independent from our house and the surroundings. The idea that we can exist independently from our environment is an illusion. And this illusion effects detrimentally on our health and wellbeing. It is the belief in this illusion makes it possible to universal epidemic of pollution, strengthens racial hatred breeds greed and many other diseases of society.

Our planet is changing so rapidly that it has a profound effect on our relationships with people and the environment. While advances in technology have added a lot to our lives, they are simultaneously disconnected us and our surroundings. In pursuit of the technology we have forgotten the ancient wisdom of the interrelationship of all living and nonliving matter on our planet. We forgot that connected with all living inside a pulsating universe – the universe that sings about life and the ripple voltage of the spirit. We forget that everything and everyone has a living energy.

Our ancestors all over the world did not share the belief of that independence. Their worldview was based on the fact that none of us exists independently from the other creatures of the sun, moon, soil, flowers, oceans, and the myriad of creatures and things that make this a reality, what we know. Any creation is akin to other beings, nothing lives in isolation.

In modern Western culture in the usual manner of interaction with the world around us is a sense of independence and isolation. We usually identify ourselves with our body and do not remember the other parts of our personality. Most of us identify with our physical bodies. We mentally draw a boundary line which coincides with the skin.

But in fact, not only that defines us. Many unexpectedly identify themselves with things outside the physical body. Sometimes we feel the children the part of ourselves, or even things that we own (people risk their lives to save property from the burning house, as now he identifies himself with these values more than with his body). We can identify ourselves with clothing. For many people, the way how they dressed is consistent with their view of how they want to see themselves. From how the person behaves in a car caught in a traffic jam, it is clear that he identifies himself with the car.

However, if you have time to focus on that, you probably remember the moment when that sudden feeling of unity with the world around you. Maybe you have discovered the beauty of unity with the sunset shining on the night sky. Or may have experienced joy and cleansing feeling of interaction with the universe, listening to the sound of the surf on the coast. These experiences remind us of the truth that was obvious to this life – we are the one with everything around us. We are also associated with mountains, sea, clouds and stars, as well as with our body. We are manifestations of pure energy, always produces its manifestations, and always coherent. Everything that exists and will exist within us. The universe is our extended body. It is very important to return to this view of reality, the view which is internally as familiar as our relationship with the mother when we were in the womb.

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