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I’m 16 and I’ve been diagnosed with (and given prozac for) social & general anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

I’m also:
-terrified of being left alone, losing the love of my friends/family, desperate to please everyone
-blowing hot and cold about people, thinking I love them one minute and absolutely hating them the next, often without them doing anything different
-most of the time I hate myself and have low self esteem, but sometimes I think I’m the greatest person ever lol
-I self harm a lot, self mutilate, and have attempted suicide twice (kept it a secret though)
-in the last few months I’ve begun to do impulsive things like getting off with random people, smoking all my weed at once and throwing up, spending all the money I’ve saved & stuff like that when I used to be a very thoughtful, cautious kid
-I had hourly mood swings before the prozac and felt very anxious and empty. I also used to become paranoid sometimes.
-I sometimes get furiously angry but I direct it all towards myself and cut.
-I’m a normal weight but I have problems with food. I’ll starve for a couple of days, then binge for another two, then maybe purge, then starve… etc etc.
-I’m very shy, but I use alcohol & drugs to make myself seem outgoing. Although I’m shy, I’m a lively, outrageous, fun person when I’m feeling relaxed with close friends (or drunk lol)

It seems to me like I have borderline personality disorder, not just extreme anxiety & depression. Why didn’t my psychologist diagnose me with BPD? What is the criteria for diagnosing that?

By: Lexxie

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