What’s Memory Trauma?

Men and women experience memory trauma in a wide variety of ways: sexual abuse, war and violence to name a few of the obvious ones. You will find also less obvious ones which are a lot more in the form of phobias and irrational fears of specific things e.g. bananas. Trauma can also manifest itself in the form of unpredictable panic and anxiety episodes as well as depression symptoms. In these types of cases the victim often has no clue what is responsible for it and is unable to recall any trauma at all. In the last mentioned category the brain has repressed the original trauma and/or transferred the particular symptoms on to something else for a wide range of reasons.

It is vital to be aware that it is not just the obvious experiences such as sexual abuse and violence which could result in trauma. The brain’s fight or flight response could be induced by anything that a particular person has been conditioned to fear, or find embarrassing or distasteful. A young woman brought up within a sheltered and religious environment who is just suddenly grabbed and kissed in public while in front of her friends and family Might (comparatively speaking) suffer the very same degree of trauma as a well-trained professional soldier who has gone through something horrific and far above his degree of experience.

What individuals does Memory Trauma affect?

Memory trauma impacts individuals of diverse ages, genders and ethnical backgrounds all over the world as well as across time; in addition the trauma may vary from something a lot of people would consider petty to what the majority of us would consider validated. These individuals all have one particular thing in common however: They are all suffering, and the constant torment of the trauma has an effect on their day-to-day lives irrespective of whether they know exactly what the trauma was or not.

Solution for Memory Trauma:

Discussing the trauma you’ve lived through, and coming to realize consciously and intellectually that this trauma is in the past and is no longer a real danger has worked for many individuals. Nonetheless, for many individuals it doesn’t necessarily show results or it seems to have only a little benefit. Why? Since it is simply not your conscious, intellectual mind that’s tormenting you with this particular past experience that could no longer cause harm to you.

Endeavoring to make clear to the unconscious mind that this trauma is not a threat, or that it’s out of proportion is like wanting to express to your dog the reason why he must not be afraid of thunder or cleaning appliances. Your pet and your subconscious mind do not understand the english language. Most individuals who have a phobia of heights understand that in certain circumstances their anxiety is totally out of proportion to their danger of falling, but an over-riding percentage of their unconscious self did not get the memo and so pulls the Panic Chord which in turn shuts down virtually all non essential functions except for the ones needed for fight or flight – to put it differently: Logical reason just isn’t going to get a look in.

Scientists, professionals, religious consultants and healers and so on all claim to achieve success in communicating with the subconscious. However none have come up with the definitive translation phrasebook to communicate what really should be easy instructions to the subconscious mind i.e. “The banana will not hurt you” or “you won’t fall because the window is definitely closed and secure.” Memory Trauma is not an issue which can be improved with common sense or reason.

What is the answer?

The best answer for memory trauma would be to test a range of things – not all therapies deliver the results for everyone and it is a matter of finding out which one your subconscious mind is going to find acceptable. This is an important point. You may well not consciously believe in angels or gods for instance, nevertheless you would be surprised how many times a person’s subconscious mind responds really well to this. The reason being that you do not have to believe that a fantasy film is actually factual in order to appreciate it.

The most powerful treatment I have come across for Trauma is PATHS

The PATHS Trauma Release module is particularly effective. Based on many years of research, PATHS – using RDT Technology – is a groundbreaking development technology that energetically sends messages and cues directly into the subconscious mind – in the same ‘language’ the subconscious uses to communicate with the body. It can help improve practically every area of life including, health and fitness (physical, psychological, emotional & spiritual), enlightenment, productivity, accomplishment, communication, family relationships, fitness and sports. They also have a free trial module so you can test drive the technology before buying it.

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