Anxiety attacks is one of the most prevalent and treatable mental condition. However, a lot of sufferers are clueless about their condition and they are severely crippled by it, limited them from daily activities and a normal care-free life. Hence, its essential you know what to do during anxiety attacks to prevent it from escalating beyond your control.

Make An Appointment With Your Doctor Now!

To completely rule out any physical condition/disease that is causing these symptoms, you will need to have a complete medical examination. You will not be able to start your recovery if you are still convinced that there is something physically wrong, so this step is very important.

If the doctor DOES find a physical condition that is causing the symptoms then you may find that once it is treated and cleared up, the panic attacks will stop.

Otherwise, if you are given a clean bill of health, you really MUST believe that panic attacks is not going to kill you and the symptoms will in time, fade away naturally.

Accept The Feelings, They WILL Pass!

I know that “accepting” the feelings can be an extremely difficult thing to do. However, resistance will only increase you anxiety and panic, especially if your calming method did not work at all!

Take it positively. You have been through these panic attacks before, you KNOW that your will ALWAYS survive. You won’t have a heart attack, you won’t go blind, you won’t faint and you won’t die. You KNOW all that and so, REMIND yourself!

Sit down, breathe slowly and let the symptoms subside naturally. They WILL pass! Remember that.

Distract Yourself. Keep Yourself BUSY!

If you really have difficulty in “accepting” these feelings, than try distracting yourself. When your busy, your mind is usually concentrating on whatever your doing at that moment. Hence. You will be less likely to feel fearful or think that your going to die.

The more you able to concentrate and “get into things”, the more effective this method will be.

Start Exercising & Have An Active Lifestyle

There’s no better incentive to start exercising! In addition to keeping yourself fit and healthy, regular exercise also helps to prevent anxiety attacks. When you exercise, you are burning up the excess adrenaline and stress hormones you accumulate daily due to stressful or panic episodes. Hence, regular exercise can DRASTICALLY reduce anxiety attack. Don’t you want that to happen?

Furthermore, exercise is really the ONLY real action you can easily take against anxiety attack. Simple but effective. Don’t coop yourself at home everyday. A physically fit body REALLY do make a difference. Be it a 20 minutes jog, swim or brisk walking…start exercising today!

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