1. Thinking of the “little man”

” It’s all under control, and it makes no sense to take risks” – these are the main tenets of thinking of “little man”. The majority. Overwhelming majority.

2. No long-term financial goals

You want to become billionaires? Who does not want? A stupid question. Have you thought about this before? No? Why?

3. Security and stability

But even the Lord God does not guarantee 100%, and employer cannot provide security and stability. Cannot in principle.

4. Panic fear of doing something “wrong”

This fear is in the minds of most people still hammered from school, when there was only one correct view (parents, teachers, public), and all others were wrong. In life, it is just the opposite. Most of the irregularities, if you use them with creativity, give significantly better results than the right to do the work. Including the result of cash.

5. The reverse side of this right – to believe that if “the most does something, this is correct. “

6. Laziness and lack of enthusiasm. Unwillingness “to work more than you are paid»

7. Belief in the “unfairness of life”

“You will not earn much by honest way,” – these people say. However, that means “honest way”? Life is always fair. Just someone rolled back, someone is left in place, and someone goes ahead. Anyone who fell behind finds it unfair that he was thrown, “cheated”. And begins to look guilty. And he finds. And stops. And sincerely believes in that you will not go against the circumstances.

8. Impatience causes poverty, and vice versa – patience, persistence and work swept away all obstacles

9. Desire to get even a little, but at once

And if he will be deceived … And the flip side of this twisted thinking – inability to lay out a large sum at once, even if it will bring more big money in the long run. Think, calculate the term plan as a lazy …

10. Waiting for “better times”

It is funny only in that the best times will not occur. The best time to start any business is not in the future, but now. Delaying the important things “for later” – just an excuse of laziness, unwillingness to raise the ass off the couch and do at least something.

11. Narrow horizons

12. “Problem”, negative thinking

See around not possibility, but only the problems and other difficulties.

13. The constant lack of time

Learn how to choose an important, delegate the bustle and cherish every moment.

14. environment

Do not listen to what poorer people say to you, and listen and analyze what richer people say to you. Poor environment, sooner or later will tighten you back into poverty, as well as the rich gradually pull you out of the quagmire of poverty. Look for appropriate environment.

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