It is so vital to have self-discipline; discipline affects nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives, in particular an absense of self-discipline produces low self worth. If you want to achieve success in your life then being able to discipline your day is a vital characteristic to have in your make-up. healing energy

To assist in keeping you up it would help to have a daily journal, in it you can write everything you have been successful with and all the things where you got a little off course and gave in to temptation. This can give you the motivation you need to keep yourself disciplined.

Write out goals for yourself; make notes in your diary. It is very important that when considering your what you want that you establish goals which are realistic and possible within a workable amount of time. Setting plans that you cannot possibly hope to accomplish or which are not realistic will only lead to failure and low self-esteem. healing energy

Assuming you want self discipline then you must have self confidence, if you don’t trust in what is possible then you cannot possibly hope that others will believe in you. Self-confidence leads to high self confidence and this is half the battle when it comes to being self-disciplined.

Learn to do everything in moderation, if you smoke or drink alcohol then cut back. Don’t simply state you are planning to cut down or stop at once, this only leads to failure. Rather think about the rewards you will get by stopping; make notes in your journal all the good aspects about what you are doing. If you over eat as an example then try to cut back by a small amount everyday and if you are tempted to go over the limit you established for yourself then structure yourself. Do something different, something you would not normally do and keep in mind the benefits of self discipline. energy healing

If you do fail to meet your goals, scold yourself and then keep going forward, don’t waste time wondering why or how or think that it will happen again. Promise yourself that you will be more disciplined in the future.

Keep a record of how you are succeeding with your goals and reward yourself when you have stayed self-disciplined. It’s ok to penalize yourself for failing but you have to reward yourself for the good as well.

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