What if God is US! What if individually we are IT? We manifest our reality using the Universal laws of attraction and create our reality with our minds. What if we are Gods? What if we are a physical plane filled with creative God beings? Be blessed and manifest. Troy

You know as a child I would always ask my mother questions about religion and faith. I guess at an early age something about not being worthy or having done something wrong by just being born didn’t really ring true to me. I mean there were always questions like. “If a baby dies. Does he or she go to hell?” That one was answered with the “No a baby is saved by grace.” Which then led to the question “Then what about a two year old?” That was usually answered with the same response. “No they are saved by grace too.” I would follow with “So when does the saved by grace thing end?” “Well when you are aware of right or wrong.” She would say. That just didn’t make any sense to me. At the time I was six and I knew not to press the issue too much further.

Then I turned eleven. And you know that preteen boys and their moms are rivals almost to the death. So religion became our battlefield. Not really because I wanted to fight with my mom ,well partially that, but also because these answers just didn’t seem to ever feel right in my soul. I still remember asking her “What if we are wrong?” The first time I asked her that question I remember her saying “What if we were wrong about what?” I remember it like it was yesterday. I turned to her and said “What if we are wrong about who is going to heaven and who is going to hell? What if the Muslims are correct and we are going to hell? What if the Buddhist are right and we have got it all wrong? What if we are wrong?” “We are not wrong.” She said to me. “How do you know?” I asked her. “I know because of the way that has brought me through.” She said emphatically. The beautiful thing about about being a kid is that you are still close to source. You have not forgotten the powerful ,abundant ,knowledgeable being that you are. Yet I digress. I then turned to her ,with that childlike confidence and wisdom, and said “But my friend Satpaul who is Hindu can say the same thing. His parents there ancestors can all say that they know that their religion is true because of how the Hindu Gods have brought them through. The same with people of the Muslim faith, the Buddhists, and anyone else who has been raised in another faith. So what if they are right?” “Son If they do not worship and accept as their personal savior they are not saved and they will not go to heaven.” she said. “And that is enough talk about that.”

Isn’t that usually what happens when the truth challenges beliefs? As we know beliefs are no more than a chronic pattern of thought. That is why you can change them. The issue is that in many cases beliefs make people feel comfortable not because they are true , but because we think that they could be true in the beginning so we attract things that prove them to be true. Then because we now have attracted “evidence” by using the Universal laws of attraction we believe that this belief is true. Changing beliefs makes us think! Changing beliefs makes us free. All of these things tend to make people feel uncomfortable.

Why because these “beliefs” have become part of their vibration and they have “evidence” that these beliefs are true. So I have to ask. What if we are all Gods. Let me leave you with this. How can someone be a part of something and not be it. How can you have God within you and not be God.

I don’t know about you ,but if my pinky finger was about to be hit by a hammer it would have at it’s disposal all of the power of my entire body. It would be able to summon every ounce of strength that my body had to prevent that from happening. My pinky is me and it is as important and as powerful as any other part of my body. We must be the same! We must be God, and if we are maybe we are all right and maybe by using the cosmic law of attraction we are creating and will create our own “life experience” and “after life” experience.

Be blessed and Manifest,


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