The characterization of a anxiety panic attack is a panic attack that is induced as a result of unnatural levels of anxiety. Not just limited to major stressful events or concerns, anxiety attacks can be related to anything. An anxiety panic attack can be caused by anxiety over a party, a loved one, even anxiety over what clothes to wear.

The focus of the attack is one of the key features to an anxiety panic attack. Usually when a person experiences such panic they will have a central trigger. The trigger tends to be the same thing for those who experience chronic panic attacks. Anytime individuals who suffer from agoraphobia travel they tend to have an anxiety panic attack or when they travel beyond a safe distance such as their doorstep.


The trigger for an anxiety panic attack will vary according to the situation for most people. The body’s natural reaction to the high levels of stress can be triggered at times of extreme stress panic. The accepted main reason behind any panic attack is known as the fight or flight reaction. The body will react when a person experiences an event that is extremely stressful or traumatic. An extreme reaction to the situation is caused by the release of chemicals into a persons system.

A reactive stressor triggers chemicals that cause an anxiety panic attack. The body assumes there is some danger even if there is no need for it and feels it must react, this is a panic attack. Many key factors can mark an anxiety panic attack. Signs of an attack include overwhelming feelings of fear and hopelessness, increased heart rate, sweating, tingling in the extremities, headaches, nausea and extreme emotional fluctuations.


Since the symptoms are usually a mixed bag when it comes to panic the list can be extensive. The immense feeling of anxiety is mentioned by any panic sufferer when they have an anxiety panic attack. They feel as if nothing can help them, this is a common major symptom that marks the start of an attack.

In most cases an anxiety panic attack can be controlled which is a good thing. To help control panics you should learn exercise, controlled breathing, healthy diet, relaxation techniques and even just have someone to be there and listen. Finding out what causes the panic and reducing this factor in your life is often the key to helping panic attacks.

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