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us be sure we know what a panic attack is. In physiological terms panic attacks almost always involve the body producing an excess of adrenaline. It is the effect of this suddenly entering into your system, in combination with several other related emotional factors going on within your psyche.

The underlying cause of panic attacks varies for everyone that suffers, and is still open to debate, but the precise cause quite naturally does seem to vary from person to person. Some panic attacks seem to come on unexpectedly, and this is certainly the case for everyone’s our first attack. Other anxieties may build up over time for some people and certainly many are most likely triggered later, after a traumatic event. The type of traumatic event varies widely but a good example would be a car accident. Others anxiety/panic attacks turn out to be situation-specific and an attack is frequently triggered if a certain pattern of circumstances recurs for the individual.

Medications such as Klonopin and Zoloft have been prescribed for the alleviation of these attacks. A lady said that she has taken these drugs for her anxiety, and at one time she was free from symptoms for more than 10 years, but the problem came back. She took no medication and it went away again.

Those who study panic attacks find that the attacks commonly occur in clusters. That is, plural episodes for several weeks or months followed by several months to years of joyful absence of the problem. Attacks do tend to be more prevalent in some families and we have been told that attacks are often reduced with SRI drugs like Zoloft.

Attacks of this sort can also be distressing problem for children, although mercifully only rarely. I’m not a pediatrician so I can’t tell you the incidence of panic attacks in kids, but according to web information seen, it seems pretty small. Usually, panic attacks do not start until in the late teens, but it can start earlier.

Counseling can be available for confronting the problem and reducing the anxiety that can produce a panic attack. It is also, of course, suitable for a wide range of conditions such as bereavement or marital problems. Counseling is an excellent approach and it is well proven that it helps many people every day live through difficult stages of their life.

However, when dealing with this particular problem counseling may not be needed if simple web based and trained techniques are applied to remove the suffering. One e-course we would like to recommend is seeing fabulous results as a leader in Stress Relief products. You have nothing to lose by applying. Do this and you will go one stage further before using drugs, and don’t forget that you can combine hypnosis with counseling and then it becomes possible to work at a considerably deeper level and overcome even the most entrenched panic attacks.

By: Steve Evans

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