Fear of the unknown usually results in real physical changes in our bodies. The fear is so overwhelming that they even manifest in different forms like sweating, nausea, difficulty in breathing, increased heart rate,chest pain,choking, dizziness and even the feeling of going mad and dying.

Many of these physiological manifestations are anxiety driven. This condition is more popularly known as a panic attack. These panic attacks are very abrupt and may not show any obvious triggers. A growing number of people are experiencing this due to the high level of stress they are dealing with on a daily basis.

Panic attacks cover a broad range of different causes. They can be psychological or physiological in nature. You need to be aware of these before considering panic attack treatments. If you happen to have experienced any of the symptoms given, do not be alarmed. Empower yourself with these possible reasons that may be applicable to your situation.

A brief word of warning: Many panic attack symptoms are similar to those of a heart attack. Seek immediate medical attention if you are unsure.

Phobias – a person who has been in a traumatic situation or is phobic usually experience panic attacks whenever they encounter the same scenario.

Biological causes – changes in the body can trigger this condition. Vitamin B deficiency from bad diet or by a parasite in the form of a tapeworm can cause it as well. More popular biological causes are hyperthyroidism, hypoglycemia, post traumatic stress disorder and inner ear disturbances (labyrinthitis).

Alcohol, medicines or drug withdrawal – Both prescribed drugs and over the counter medication can cause panic attacks as a result of their withdrawal syndrome or rebound effect.

Hyperventilation syndrome – It is necessary to breathe normally. If you breathe from the chest it will cause over breathing. You will just exhale excess carbon dioxide. Thus resulting to dizziness, light headedness and rapid heartbeat which can trigger panic attacks.

Short-term triggering causes – this can be manifested when someone has lost a special person or even a pet. In short, a significant personal loss of that person can trigger them.

Maintaining panic attack causes – these are in the forms of lack of assertiveness, having a distorted belief in life, avoidance of situation or environment that can cause panic attacks and also being consumed with negative thoughts. If you continue to pamper yourself with negative affirmations then you will continue to have panic attacks.

Long-term, predisposing panic attack causes – Panic attacks can be due to your genes as well. Although there are studies that prove that a person can develop it even without any family history of this attack.

Medications – There are times when panic attacks are just side effects of the medication a person is taking. These may be temporary side effects, but if it continues to occur even after medication then there is a need to change dosage or use a different type of drug. Always consult your physician if you experience these side efects.

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