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I ask because I was often told I had ADD and some general anxiety disorder, but the anxiety only manifests itself in stressfull workplace scenarios – especially when I’m feeling rushed or bullied by people… as what occasionaly happned in my afterschool job in food service, at a theme park no less. I normaly multitask very well but when I’m presured to do too many things at once I get really nervous. When people begin yelling at me and insulting me I’m likely to panic. Other then those highly stressfull situations, I’m perfectly fine.

Is there anything going on? I’m not working there anymore of course, but I still want to know what exactly causes the anxiety so I can overcome it.
Note: the insults I’ve mentioned came from the customers themselves, every once in a while (it’s a themepark) a disgruntled guest will take it out on the busboy – the resturant’s meat shield.

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