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Too many victims of panic attacks keep their condition private for fear of embarrassment. They struggle with the internal conflict of phobias and fears in solitude. Unfortunately, this self-help philosophy rarely produces any measurable results because the patient does not have enough resources to succeed. A support network is vital to the success of panic attack treatment since it helps to keep the patient focused on the challenges. This support network can come in many different forms, but it is typically comprised of three groups.


One of the most obvious places to turn for support is within the family structure. Parents and siblings are often the first people to notice the changing behavior patterns associated with anxiety disorders. Because of this, their feedback can be a valuable tool when panic attacks reoccur. Overcoming panic attacks can be a long journey with numerous setbacks and challenges, and the steadying influence of family support is vital to helping the patient succeed


Friends may not have a hereditary relationship with patient, but their strong bond and trust level often make them the first place patients turn for support. While it can be difficult to offer advice for a condition that many are unfamiliar with, friends should realize that just being there can be enough to help sufferers through the rough days. There are also group therapy situations that friends can attend, and these are not only therapeutic for the patient, but they can also help supporters learn more about panic attacks.


Having panic disorder diagnosed by a doctor is an important stage of recovery. Not only does it help the patient come to terms with the issue, but it also allows the opportunity to explore treatment options. Doctors carry the responsibility of recommending targeted treatments for panic attacks, while also monitoring the techniques and adjusting when necessary. These more scientific tasks hold some of the keys to overcoming panic attacks, but the best results come when the support network works as whole.

It is possible to stop panic attacks from overwhelming the lives of its victims, but successful treatment usually requires a network of supporters. The obstacles of panic disorder can be numerous, which in turn increases the likelihood of failure or relapse. This is where a solid support network will provide the encouragement and reassurance necessary to succeed. But the first step in recovery is for the patient to learn how to control panic attacks, and that process begins at

By: Stephen Rollins

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