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Many times people that have a panic disorder do not want to be treated with medication. They do not want to be placed on a pill everyday to keep them from having a panic attack. This is not unusual for anyone to do. They will not want to be controlled by any form of medication for the problem that they are going through.

There are different ways to use self-help when you are going through the problems that a panic disorder can bring to you. Having the right state of mind to help you concentrate on how to feel better is going to be a great relief for many people. There are many self-help methods for panic disorders that are the same for controlling stress and other related emotional problems. There is no reason to be alarmed at this type of situation. You should not have to use a pill or any other type of medication to keep you on the right track.

Using music to help you feel better is something that is going to be a good method. You can listen to your favorite music when you are feeling down or like you are going to have a panic attack. This can be any form of music that mellows you out. You want to feel good about yourself and get your thoughts and emotions under control before you lose it all together.

Another good idea is to take a walk or exercise. Burn out your frustrations and stress through this type of release. Getting a good workout is going to be essential to anyone that is looking to keep their mind clear and to get them straightened out so that they can let go of the fear of having a panic attack over something that is working on their mind and body. You can do this anytime of the day or night if you are feeling as if you are about to have an attack.

Writing your feelings out on paper is another good way to get out your anxiety at the time. You can write down exactly how you are feeling so that you are feeling good about yourself. You will find that once you write down your feelings you will be able to release your anger and get yourself back on track. Think about the fact that you can write out your anger instead of yelling it aloud or keeping it bottled out.

Yelling is something that you can do if you are able to. You must make sure that you are away from others. You do not want to yell in front of others because they may in fact think that you are having a breakdown. You want to walk away from anyone and find as private area so that you are able to do your yelling and feel good the situation that you are in.

There is always something that you can do to make you feel good about yourself. You want to let the anger and the stress out so that you are not keeping it inside you and this will only make you feel worse. A panic disorder is going to affect a person all of the time. There will be times when you are not able to let the panic go and you will have to do whatever it takes to bring yourself to a calm and relaxed state of mind.

By: Bob Bastian

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