There’s quite a bit we still do not know about anger, despite the fact that it is something we all experience we all deal with from time to time}. Of all the emotions, anger is potentially the most destructive. When you are angry it’s as if you become another person, a person that has totally lost control over their actions, and that is more the case than you might care to admit. When you attack someone in anger, they will almost invariably respond in kind. But there is an alternative. There’s no need to beat yourself up internally or take your anger out on others. By learning coping and preventative strategies you are better able to deal with the anger you experience, both internally and from other people
Putting it very simply, each of us is responsive to one of two stimuli, happiness or anger. Tony Robbins refers to them as the avoidance of pain and the attraction of pleasure. The emotion of happiness releases seratonin into your body and as a result you feel happy. On the other side, however, anger triggers adrenaline to be pumped through your body and as a result you are alert, on edge, ready for fight or flight, which are the two responses to what you perceive to be a threat.
In the days of our ancient forebears only those with the quickest, most appropriate responses in times of danger, may have survived. As a result it was their genes that were passed on. As a result homo sapiens have developed a quick, decisive reaction to what we interpret as threat. We are, as it were, just waiting for the opportunity to expend all this pent up energy.
Added to that is the fact that the things in your life that make you stressed have increased rapidly over the past years as has the complexity of our lives. We are no longer in control as much as we believe we ought to be. A underlying sense of frustration is the feeling we get when we don’t get what we want. It’s as if the person with these underlying issues is actively looking for an opportunity to express them, to, in reality, pick a fight.
When it all becomes too much to cope with, they will express themselves in an outburst of aggression. In extreme situations it’s as if the person loses self-control. That is exactly what is happening because at the time when clear headed thinking is needed most, the instinctual functions have taken over, and it is impossible for the person concerned to think rationally or listen to reason.
As a result, everyone loses: the person who, sometimes quite innocently becomes the focus of the anger expressed, the angry person in that they are called to account for their actions, and society at large as people witness yet another expression of out of control anger and as a result become all the more fearful for their wellbeing.
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