Having to go through a panic attack can be one of the worst experiences to endure . Everything is completely fine and then you are suddenly having what very much seems to be a heart attack . Your heart is pounding so rigorously, you cannot breath, you have tingling in your arms and your brain is packed with thoughts of you dying. That is not where it finishes because after you have gone through with your medical tests and the doctor informs you everything is fine , you will feel like you are going insane . Panic attacks are very dangerous if left unchecked and require specialized panic treatments.

The most effective and reliable way to find proper panic treatments is in finding the very reasons of why and where your anxiety is coming from. Most panic treatments focus on looking at the symptoms whereas to actually overcome anxiety, you need to focus on the root cause of your problem. There are many theories as to where and why panic attacks happen but suffice to say, anxiety is a built in defense mechanism based on our survival instinct. Panic treatments only ever begin to make sense when you look at them for what they are and what they are fundamentally trying to achieve . Anxiety is there to protect us. This places a very different context around a panic attack because the root anxiety of the attack is actually trying to protect us.

According to Dr. Claire Weekes, the foremost authority on anxiety disorders, she describes panic and anxiety all originating from some form of mental, emotional or physical exhaustion. When we find ourselves in such situations our sub conscience elevates our anxiety levels to alert us to our vulnerability. When our panic levels get out of control our sympathetic neurological system kicks into gear assuming there is an imminent threat and activates our bodily defense system in preparation of either fight or flight. This is where our physical symptoms are manifested with heart palpitations, erratic breathing etc.

Basically a panic attack can be explained as the body preparing itself for defense against a perceived threat. The point at which we are swallowed by panic is that our conscious mind cannot reconcile our reality to this sub conscious threat and we panic. By understanding the anatomy of a panic or anxiety attack we can then understand the correct panic treatments to control and recover from our panic disorder.

To really gain a clear understating of the best panic treatments that work you need to see a step by step commentary on a panic attack detailing what is happening to you and why so that you can implement powerful panic treatments.

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