Anxiety attacks seem to come out of the blue. They come on without warning and they are impossible to prepare for. Needless to say, anxiety attacks are unwanted events. However, for those of us who have had, or are now recovering from anxiety disorder, anxiety attacks are a fact of life.

Treating anxiety for the long haul doesn’t mean just treating one issue. It requires dealing with several factors. Still, anxiety disorder can certainly be overcome. I know this for a fact. However, this article deals with those moments or hours of anxiety or panic attack. Here, we will discuss how to get through them and how to turn the corner on panic so we can see a time when it will never bother us again.

Please take note before you begin to follow this advice that you have seen a health care provider who has told you anxiety is the problem you are dealing with.

It Is Adrenaline

The first step in dealing with a panic attack is to understand it is adrenaline causing this panic in our bodies. In extremely stressful situations, adrenaline will overwhelm us. It will run through our veins causing us to feel sensations we don’t normally feel. For instance, our hearts will race and our palms will sweat. We will often see and hear things that may not be there.

When we know why adrenaline is flooding our bodies we will not be overly concerned with it. It is when adrenaline appears for no apparent reason that we become bewildered, confused, and we try to fight off the feelings it brings to us. The antidote is simply knowing adrenaline is making us feel way out of whack.

Remember Relaxing

The next step is to think relaxation. I know this sounds simple and it may in certain situations be impossible. In such a situation, the best you can do is relax as much as you can. If you are in a situation where you are able, sit down for a few moments and think relaxed thoughts. Trying to make yourself relax is counterproductive. Just think about things that are relaxing to you. Fill your mind with memories of relaxed times and pictures that are relaxing to you.

If you have been practicing relaxation techniques, now is the time to try to recall how you felt during these relaxation sessions. The key is not to force anything, but just let go a bit. In some cases it even helps people to role play the part of a relaxed person that they know.


The next element in dealing with an anxiety attacks is not to fight it. Now, if you’re sitting somewhere comfortably, think as much as you can about relaxed settings or feelings; take the attitude you’re going to let the feelings caused by adrenaline do to you whenever they will.

Say to yourself, “here I am adrenaline come get me!” This is the opposite of what most people do. Most people when encountering anxiety attacks try to fight it or run away from it. It is fight or flight that brings on adrenaline. So to stop this chain of events we have to not run away from these feelings of adrenaline and the only way to do this is to develop the mindset of surrendering to them.

Concentrate on the Awful Feelings

An extension to the step of surrender is to actually concentrate on the feelings adrenaline is bringing to you. This means you are facing them straight on. When you do this, you can’t possibly be running away from them. Don’t try to change these feelings because this would be fighting them. Just let these feelings do what they’re going to do and take note of what they are doing. If you do this, you will find these feelings are not as scary as you thought.

Because panic, or anxiety attacks can be so overwhelming and so frightening, it is easy to be petrified of them. It is this very thing that makes them so bad. When we can bring ourselves to the point we no longer fear having anxiety attacks, they become toothless, clawless monsters. They may still be a factor in our lives for a while, but they will no longer be such a major disturbance.

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