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Often associated with nervousness and fear, anxiety can become an illness where you can experience irrational feelings. Some of the symptoms of anxiety disorders include sweating, nausea, hot flushes and chest pains. But, these are quite common symptoms and are sometimes diagnosed wrongly or they are just overlooked.

There are a lot of types of anxiety, including post trauma anxiety, social anxiety disorder, panic anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety. If you think that you have anxiety disorder, you should look for the advice of a doctor.

Here are a few guidelines on how you can deal with anxiety in 5 steps. You should talk with a doctor and only use these tips as an add on.

Step 1: Relaxation Techniques

If you can learn how to relax you can fight the anxiety attack symptoms, like sweating, racing heartbeat, muscle tension and tremors. Learn techniques like muscle relaxation and meditation and use them to relax when an anxiety attack is coming.

Step 2: Exercise

You should always exercise if you want to remain healthy. If you’re healthy you can keep yourself at a good psychological level. Also, make sure you rest well and you keep the environment relaxed around you.

Step 3: Balanced Diet

A diet that is balanced can provide you with the nutrients that you need to be at your best. Don’t drink coffee and don’t use anything from the alcohol, cigarettes or drugs categories. That’s because they speed up your heartbeat and can provoke the anxiety disorder symptoms.

Step 4: Seek Emotional Support

You should learn to spot when you have problems and ask for the help from your friends and family when you need it. Tell them what happened and let them help you to recover from anxiety disorder. If you can, look for advice on how you can eliminate anxiety. Support groups can also be a good idea and can help you.

Step 5: Self Monitoring

After you find out what the causes are for your attacks, you should look for the triggers. Once you know this you can look for ways on how you can avoid them.

By: Ricky Lim

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