Are you tired of suffering bouts of panic? Self help may be available right on your dinner table. Panic attacks affect millions of people world wide and while it can be a disabling condition, it doesn’t mean it isn’t treatable. The old adage “you are what you eat” is just as true in relation to anxiety disorders as it is to heart disease and obesity. Try some of these suggestions from doctors:


Eat plenty of foods that are rich in the minerals that are depleted by stress. These minerals include potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Foods that are rich in these vital minerals include figs, salmon, yogurt, broccoli, brown rice, garlic, legumes, and whole grains just to name a few.


Eat frequent, small meals rather than the usual three squares a day. Saddling up to the table for big meals stress our bodies. Smaller, more frequent meals provide for more even injections of nutrients.


Avoid simple sugars and simple carbohydrates. Simple sugars spike the blood sugar level and get people edgy. Simple carbohydrates break down very quickly into sugar and do the same thing. Avoid carbonated soft drinks and alcohol.


Avoid stimulants like caffeine, which can be found in any number of foods such as coffee, tea, and chocolate.


Have most of your diet consist of vegetables and complex carbohydrates. This doesn’t mean becoming a vegetarian, but it does mean that meat should not be the mainstay of your diet.


Finally, keep a food diary. This is a tools used by dieters that helps them track what they eat and how they feel. People how suffer with bouts of panic can use the same techniques to find correlations between what foods they eat and when a panic attack occurs. They can then avoid foods that appear to trigger panic attacks. A food journal can also provide a wealth of information for your doctor should he ever need to treat you for a host of other medical conditions such as heart problems or cancer.


While people suffer from disorders related to anxiety and panic, self help is available. The panic attack sufferer is not powerless in their fight to maintain a balanced life.

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