Panic attacks disorder is a common problem faced by millions worldwide. Some people experience this problem in specific situations like driving a car, meeting new people, public speaking.

Panic attacks while driving can be risky. You have to be extremely vigilant when you are driving and having a panic attack at such times can be risky for you. However no need to despair as you can certainly overcome this problem.

The first step you need to take in order to stop panic attacks when driving is to make a strong resolve and determination to yourself that you will not let this disorder affect or restrict you in any way.

Many people stay away from doing things that may cause them panic attacks. However it may not be possible to give up driving completely as it is such an important task. You may need to drive to work or to drop children to school or meet friends or relatives etc.

When you give up an activity because of panic fear, it will reinforce that disorder further. Hence you need to make a strong resolve to yourself. You need to make up your mind that you will not give up driving no matter what.

If you are really determined and strong, the panic attack may melt away when it encounters your determination. So you have to show a really strong resolve to combat the feelings of panic and anxiety.

Second step you need to take in order to stop panic attacks while driving is to learn better self control. Keep in mind that panic attack mostly arises out of extreme fear. It might be the fear of traffic or the fear of meeting with an accident etc. You will have to know what exactly are you afraid of by listing out each and everything related to driving that disturbs or worries you.

These fears create certain level of anxiety and stress within us. It may not be possible to completely triumph over this anxiety. So, initially you may just try to reduce the feelings of anxiety. Try to keep reducing anxiety levels until the thing no longer disturbs you.

If you can exhibit such control over your emotions and fears then you can easily get rid of panic attacks. Panic attacks may stop bugging you and even if they do occur once in a while, you will be better able to handle them without losing your mind.

An important step in order to achieve control over your emotions is to find out what exactly is causing this anxiety in the first place. Instead of just saying that you have panic disorder, try to find out the precise fears behind the panic attacks. It could be the fear of driving alone, or it could be fear of driving on high bridges etc.

Once you identify the exact and specific areas which cause utmost fear while driving, you can then take essential steps to deal with them. You have now progressed by identifying individual fears behind your panic disorder. Your problem is no longer a vague one but has become specific and hence can be more easily dealt with.

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