Worry and fear can sometimes be good. After all we will not be spurred to action if we are not afraid of something. However too much fear can cause problems in our life.

Too much worry can cause health problems and rob your peace of mind. You will not be able to focus on anything and will be unable to do your work properly. It may damage your body and health and may cause sleep related problems too.

Panic and anxiety need to be controlled otherwise they will control us. Many people suffer from acute panic disorder and wonder how to stop panic attack when they arise so frequently in their day to day lives.

If you are a person given to constant worrying – how do you stop this habit? How do you put your mind to rest? Here are some simple tips to help you:

1. Confine worry to a limited time: If you keep thinking about your problems all day long, then it can help if you make a pact with yourself that you will only worry during certain hours of the day. Dedicate a time period of 1 hour a day when you can think as much as you want about your problems.

During the other times, do not let this worry affect you. Whenever any such thoughts arise in your mind, instantly remind yourself that you will think about them later on during the time you set aside for worrying.

Following this simple technique, you can change the habit of worrying from the larger part of your day. Instead of worrying you can now focus on better and more productive things.

2. Write down your worries: Sometimes it can get very difficult to get your worries out of your mind no matter how much you try to do so. You can note down the thing that is bothering you on a piece of paper in order to ponder in detail over it in your free time.

This way you can get over the worrying thought for the time being. This technique can be useful when you are doing some important work and want to have a clear mind.

When you start practicing regularly the above mentioned tips, you may begin to notice that you are getting into the habit of postponing your worries. This can ultimately lead to breaking the habit of worrying completely so that you can become more positive.

Worry, fear, anxiety and panic are all related to each other. Constant worrying about something will magnify the fear of that thing in your mind. This will cause you to panic when faced with that dreaded situation.

So in order to effectively control and stop panic attacks, you need to get hold of your worrying habit and negative thinking patterns. If you are able to do so, automatically panic and fear will be lessened to a considerable degree.

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