Coping with panic attack can be a tough task. You know you are unable to control it and it can occur anytime. Whether you are driving on the road or at a meeting in office or simply sitting at home watching tv; this awful fear can engulf you any moment. Also known as agoraphobia it usually lasts from 15 seconds to around 30 minutes at a time. Before Dealing With Panic Attacks you need to comprehend what is an anxiety attack how does it take place.

What’s panic and anxiety attack?

To put it in simple words; One part of the brain is playing nasty games with the other part, activating threat alarms which the physical areas of the body respond to. The adrenalin rush is really so strong that the rational thoughts are left behind and the evil forces take full control of the victim. That is why someone struggling with panic attack goes through breathlessness, uneasy feeling in the stomach, nausea, sleeps apnea and chest pain and so on. A panic attack makes the individual feel like they’re going to die. The fear is so awful that it makes anyone incapacitated.

Why does it occur?

There’s no special reason for a panic attack to happen. Most of the times it is a result of emotional stress, a major illness someone has been subject to or perhaps a calamity in personal life (thunderstorm, tsunami or earthquake to name a few), loss of someone you care about, pregnancy and menopause in females, divorce and separation and many more. Typically panic disorder occurs at the most inappropriate time. In the event that you’ve gone through it once or twice, then it is prudent to visit a doctor.

How to deal with panic and anxiety attack?

This really is without a doubt a difficult matter. But when you are determined to get rid of it then it can be done.

• The starting point towards relief is acceptance.

• Always attempt to look for the positive. Tell yourself that you’ll prevail over it and you sure will.

• Do not shy away from people.

• Talk to some counselor. He/ she could possibly give you good advices.

• Take deep breathing and do regular exercises. Walking, running, jogging can help keep conditions away. Yoga and deep breathing may help to deal with an anxiety attack.

• Try meditation. This helps to calm your mind and overcome tension and stress. Music therapy will help with keeping your brain composed.

• You can find self help guides available that will help you with coping strategies. They also offer you tips to overcome panic disorder. These guides can be purchased on the web at a negligible price. If it can show you suggestions on managing anxiety attacks then it’s really worth a purchase, isn’t it?

Treatments for Panic Disorder

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