It’d be too unsafe to try to test a guess and to believe that there is a single simple answer to the question how long does a panic attack last for. In fact, there is very little chance that two people would answer the question how long does a panic episode last in the same way or give the same durations in their individual experience. The real answer to the question how long does a panic episode last is that it depends to an enormous extent on the patients themselves because actually, there are just a few folk that will experience a panic fit for a brief and for a few passing moments though others might report having consistent attacks that may last longer while still others might experience a combination of the 2.

Most May Report Attacks Of A Short Time Span

It wouldn’t be too far off the mark to state that in numerous examples people would answer the question ‘how long does a panic episode last’ by claiming that they only have brief period attacks. Others might report the attacks last much longer usually between twenty mins and one hour duration. Others naturally, report having a mix of both short and long durations of their panic attacks.

Another way of correctly answering the question ‘how long does a panic attack last’ is to first determine the exact cause or accurate trigger of the panic fit because the duration of the panic attack will notice the effects of how soon the patient can get over the symptoms and it also depends on how long different triggers last. The precise time that the panic attacks actually start can be quite hard to determine for some people as their attacks come on quite subtly and slowly. For others the onset is very quick and therefore it is easier to pinpoint.

Every person has a different experience, and though there are some common triggers, each persons perception of their own situation will differ slightly from other panic attack victims.

For more answers and information on panic attacks take the time to look thoroughly at the information freely available on the internet. There are many helpful articles and websites that can help with dealing with this debilitating condition. Some even have reviews various cures and treatments written by people who have tried them and know how well they do or don’t work. Though of course the only way to discover if any of these will work for you is to actually try them yourself.

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