It is considered that luck is a coincidence. But there are people who always has a good luck. What principles they follow in life?

“Wow, how lucky Jessie: she once offered a job with a salary that half time higher than the previous! And it happens yet again. And she does not do anything special. She finds her luck. And I would ever pull the winning ticket … “- I listened to the woeful monologue of girlfriends and, in fact, agreed with her.

If you are lucky once, well, two – it can be attributed to chance. But in my environment there are people who are “chronic” lucky. I decided to conduct its own investigation into how they live, how think. And found four basic principles that follow these minions of fortune.


These Winnings can be called “life-long optimist” who guided the motto: “Everything will be fine!” Certainly, and they get into trouble, but much less than pessimistic people in the world.

Every thought in our world is material and has the ability to incarnate. When a person is confident in the excellent prospects for himself, then sooner or later they are implemented. If you expect the worst, you have sad forebodings, and they’ll come true.

PRINCIPLE 2: “Seize the Chance»

Everybody have chances. Just not everyone notices them. Optimist, finding a small yet possible, tries to immediately take action. He makes no attempt, which may not lead to any result. And maybe bring good luck.

Pessimist, finding a chance, says to himself: “All the same it will not work! Why try? “And lay on the couch, complaining about the lives and circumstances.

Julia can be called lucky. She often wins: a huge basket of delicacies on the radio, then a set of music CDs from the magazine. Her luck Julie explains: “I just take part in various competitions. I call on the radio, on television, writing in newspapers and magazines. For some reason, everyone thinks that winning is impossible that all prizes have long divided between editorial staff and their relatives. In fact, it is not so”. Persistence of Julia in achieving the goal has often led her to success. In short, as in the famous joke: “If you want to win a million, at least buy a lottery ticket!”

PRINCIPLE 3: “one hundred friends”

Jessie often repeats: “Friends – That’s it!” Once her friends have invited her for a weekend in a boarding house to go skiing. Beautiful nature, fabulous condition, their own trail to the lift. And yet – it’s free! But Jessie’s luck did not end on this. A friend introduced her to people with whom she later opened a joint business – a restaurant.

It would seem a coincidence, but it is not so! Jessie always appreciates friends very much and tried to make them pleasant surprises: bestowed tickets to entertainment events, arranged parties at home.

Every person is nice when he was getting the attention. If you are always ready to do something for another, and unselfishly, without expecting favors, people remember it. And often pay the same coin.

The best way to make contact with the person – just listen to him. In our time of the deficit of attention the sincere expression of it is very valuable.

A lot of acquaintances give another advantage – the flow of information. A friend tells about the newly opened hotel with excellent service and yet “ridiculous” prices – and this will allow you to have a rest with your family. Friend shared the secret of great shopping runoff trade, where things of well-known brands in the last season can be purchased at the price of everyday wear. Colleague will teach you a new program that will allow you to get a free place in the company.

Try to ask questions to someone who is an expert in a particular area in your eyes. This way you and he will do nicely, and you will receive invaluable information.

PRINCIPLE 4: “Original»

The probability of success and luck increases dramatically, if we seek innovative solutions of the problem. Jack had an urgent need to sell the country house. There was only one willing. But looking around the house, he said that the price is too high for it. Most people in this case would reduce the price to attract potential customers. Jack decided otherwise: “So, I incorrectly identified the target audience, my client – a man with the other prosperity!” And … increased purchase price by 25 percent. As a result, two clients were competing among themselves for the right to buy the building at an increased price. Soon the house was successfully sold.

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