Have you watched the animation movie Hercules? In the movie, Hades, the lord of the underworld and the dead has two aides called Pain and Panic. He uses them to spread all sorts of problems in humans. Yes, that was an animation and a fairytale. However, even in the real world, panic really harms people. There are many people who get panic attacks at the slightest provocation.

What are these panic attacks and why do people get them? The most common cause of panic attacks is angst or strain. What is really the significance of anxiety or angst? Anxiety is caused when we anticipate a real or imagined threat.

For example, in case you are scared of being alone, you may start to imagine that some one may kill you, etc. Though this fear may not have any basis in reality, still you may feel anxious and experience palpitation or other symptoms.

You may also feel as if you are going to die or your heart is going to burst. However, this is all a result of a panic attack which is nothing but a mistaken fight and flight reaction of the human body.

The human body has a hormone called adrenaline. This hormone is known to cause the fight or flight reaction in case we are faced with a dangerous or a stressful situation. The problem arises when the body, due to a wrong brain signal starts secreting this hormone.

As a result, the body starts preparing itself for a fight or flight reaction. The heart starts beating fast, the face flushes and goose bumps break out. Once this happens, the person starts feeling that he cannot breathe and he has a panic attack.

Panic attacks are quite common with highly strung or tensed individuals. Most of these people feel that the world is out to get them and feel threatened by the world. Panic attacks are more a problem of the mind than the body.

There are many remedies available for the problem of panic attacks. There are many medicines and tranquilizers also available for these panic attacks. However, the problem with allopathy is that they have more side effects, making the cure worse than the cause. Hence here are some natural remedies for panic attacks:

1. Breathe easy: The ancient philosophies believe that breath has the cure for everything. Indeed, if we observe during panic attacks our breathing quickens and nostrils flair up. Hence it is advised, that when you experience a panic attack, then start taking slow, deep breaths. Try a yoga class or a meditation class and learn the art of breathing slow and watch your stress melt away.

2. Homeopathic remedies: There are various remedies available for panic attacks in homeopathy. These remedies are side effect free and quite beneficial.

3. Alternative therapies: Yoga. Acupuncture, reiki and pranic healing can really help you deal with these problems. These ancient sciences may work slowly but they are quite pronounced and can remove the root cause of the problem.

Panic attacks can happen to anyone and at anytime. However, it needs to be dealt with in a cool mind. Breathing easy is the first step to combat a panic attack. If you are a victim of panic attack, try changing your lifestyle and reducing stress. It will work wonders for you!

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