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Feelings of nervousness, unease, and worry are logical reactions to stressful circumstances. When asking somebody out on a date, it is normal to get stomach butterflies. When asking your boss for a raise, it is normal for your heart to pound super fast. And it is definitely logical to feel nervous when a snake is about to attack you. The anxiety you are experiencing is part of your inherent system that protects you from harm, letting you know that it may be time to run or fight. Why is anxiety an issue?

Disorder from Anxiety

Anxiety becomes an issue when you begin feeling recurrent and excessively unrealistic dread and fear. You may already be one of the millions of people having anxiety disorder. You are absolutely not alone. 10% of the population is in the same boat.

Is the problem treatable? Yes, this problem can be treated. It’s important for every sufferer to know that they need to act on the condition. Stop considering the condition as just character weakness and beging looking for serious treatments.

Anxiety Treatment

* Behavior Therapy – This therapy is aimed towards altering behavior by exposing you to your worries deliberately until you learn to cope with them. You will get better control of your behavior when faced with stressful situations.

* Cognitive Therapy – Cognitive therapy’s objective is to change destructive and unproductive thought patterns. You will be asked to assess your own feelings and learn to discern the realistic ones from those that are irrational.

* Cognitive-Behavioral Theory (CBT) – This is a mix of behavior and cognitive treatments with effects that last longer.

* Medication – You may be required to go under medication. And you will be required to use one or more of the treatments in conjunction with the medication. This type of treatment can either be short-term or long-term, basing on your own special requirements and kind of medication.

Natural Anxiety Cures

* Relaxation Techniques – These help you deal with the physical symptoms associated with anxiety from circumstances that are stressful, using progressive muscle relaxation, abdominal breathing, isometric relaxation exercises, and meditation.

* Dietary Adjustments – Did you know that depression, insomnia, and anxiety are partly caused by deficiency in the mineral magnesium? Yes, indeed, your diet may be encouraging your issue. A lack of magnesium can be a problem because the mineral contributes to the relaxation of muscle tissues. So do ensure that you include a healthy amount of leafy green vegetables, wholegrain cereals, and dairy products (make sure they are low fat) in your diet.

Accepting that you have an issue is the most important step to fight it. Your questions have answers if you go on searching. It may not be enough to address the circumstance with common sense.

By: Jenssie Clark

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