What is happiness? The sages of ancient times had puzzled on these issues and they could not find a clear answer. According to some psychologists, in order to find the harmony and feel himself happy, a person must make a serious inner work to overcome his bad habits, learn how to correctly remove the fatigue and, most importantly, keep a positive attitude. What prevents us from being happy and learns us how to live happily, argues the author of the following article.

What prevents you from being happy?

1. As a rule, this belief is often not aware of, they put domestic ban on the very possibility of being happy “in such circumstances”. For example, there is a bad weather outside, you are in no mood, ran out of money, your love is over, you have no cigarettes … Everyone has their own circumstances in which happiness is impossible. What circumstances do you have?

2. If your emotions are negative and you think that it’s not time to enjoy happiness. As a rule, the negative starts with generalizations – everything, always! Perception of the world, such as: I am very small and weak, and the world is big and angry.

3. Low energy. You do not want anything; your legs are slack, there are no thoughts in the head. In this state a person is more depressed than feel happiness.

How to learn to be happy?

If you decide to be happy you should start to study this. Of course, there are many difficulties in life, but if you have a desire, then it is possible and necessary to learn to be happy.

1. You do not have to run for happiness, it is side by side, in you, just call it in demanding way. Want to be happy – take it from your own!

2. Produce a good tone and emotional stability, it will help in difficult situations not to be depressed.

3. Treat your life with interest and curiosity. Trouble? Interestingly, how can I handle it, what can I learn? Difficulty? I wonder what it will give to me. Useful questions – good decision!

4. Make a habit to perceive the world positively. Life is a good teacher, and all good is not cheap. What do you want? There is no defeat; this is a new opening in life. Challenge!

When all is well, everyone can be successful. And when it will be hard? Only chosen can handle with it! So will choose yourself! Circumstances have changed, they have not changed you. You can be successful and happy!

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