If you’re looking over this, you obviously would like to know the The Difference Between Social Anxiety Disorder and Shyness. You may be concerned about a friend or acquaintance. Or you may be worried about yourself. In either case, you have come to the right place for answers.

So, what is the distinction between social and anxiety and shyness. The simplest way to answer this question for you is showing how each kind of person would act in various situations. Consider the following scenarios involving a lady who’s shy versus one with social anxiety.

1. Both receive a party invitation to some party.

The shy person may think, “Oh, OK, I suppose I’ll go.” Even though she is not necessarily looking forward to a social event, she still thinks she can have fun here. However, the woman with social anxiety instantly dreads the party and starts to plan ways to avoid needing to go.

2. The two women are enroute towards the same party.

The shy woman might be thinking about all kinds of things that may or may not include the party. The lady with social anxiety can think of nothing but the party. She is already dreading it and fighting the temptation to turn around and go back home.

3. They both arrive at the party at the same time and approach the entranceway.

The shy woman will probably slow her pace slightly so she does not have to arrive at the door concurrently as other woman. The woman with social anxiety will notice this and start to panic, wondering if she should slow her pace too, or accelerate and open the doorway. Then she will start to obsess on whether she should hold the door open for the other woman or go in. When she has reached the doorway she might have broken in a cold sweat.

4. They finally get in and go into the room in which the party is being held.

The shy woman will probably look for a friend she knows well and feels more comfortable with. If there is no one there that she knows, she’ll go to a somewhat discreet area of the room where she can watch out for a friend without being noticed. The lady with social anxiety may actually freeze right now if she doesn’t know anyone, or retreat towards the bathroom to gather her thoughts and courage.

I hope right now you are seeing the main difference between social anxiety and shyness. The bad news is that social anxiety can seriously limit your ability to live life for the fullest. The good news is that there is help. To keep to learn more about the distinctions between the two and how to be dealt with, click the button below.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety.

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