It’s bizarre. I know plenty of people who have told me that they do not know how to how to relax. One client told me that he feels guilty sitting doing nothing on a Saturday – he feels obliged to fly around the house and garden determined to find something to occupy him. Another client recently revealed that, whilst Saturday morning is his golf morning, and although he actually goes out for his eighteen holes, he doesn’t really play! He can’t – his mind is wandering back to all that happened during the week or what’s going to happen the following week. He’s out on the course but, not only is he not relaxed, he’s not even all there! Even better, a friend who doesn’t have a care in the world – great job that he’s really on top of, great personal life, great everything, told me that when he plays golf he cannot prevent himself feeling guilty – feeling that he should be in the office or at home!

Modern life practically demands that we should be constantly on the go. But there’s a world of difference between filling your day with activity and getting the really important things done. And one of the most important things that you must have as an integral part of your life is time to chill. A New York Times piece a some years back explained that native tribes in the Amazon basin have the lifestyle that most New Yorkers want – seven hours work each week, the balance spent at leisure. However, New Yorkers simply wouldn’t know what to do with all that leisure. OK, there’d be plenty of activity squeezed into it – but what about totally chilling (like the Amazonians)?

Get yourself an easy chair, sit down and do nothing for thirty minutes – see where your mind might take you. Or find a shade tree, spread out a blanket and just lie down. This is the quality space that we need in our lives – not to recharge our batteries, but to clear our minds, discover inspiration and discover the crucial stuff that we need to do to be happy and successful. Sir Isaac Newton was relaxing under just such a tree when the apple fell for him – find your tree and you’ll realize that pennies will drop for you. A little relaxation will change your life.

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