Do you wish to know what the biggest Mind Power Secret is? I will tell you. We are all connected to some Universal field of Intelligence. Do you find this hard to believe?

Let us look at the famous incident from the 100th monkey. If you haven’t heard about it, this really is what happened. The incident took place Japan. A female monkey on the tiny remote island off mainland Japan started to wash sweet potatoes in seawater. Other monkeys began to do this too. However the truly amazing fact is, that when approximately the 100th monkey in the tribe had learned to do this, many other monkey tribes in remote areas that had had no contact with the initial monkeys began to wash their sweet potatoes in seawater too. They had no possible method of acquiring this knowledge by observing, so how did they suddenly get this knowledge? It had been deemed that they did this by some type of “intuitive universal sharing.” This has also been known as a communal morphogenetic field, or an intelligence field that goes beyond the individual.

Since then, other experiments that discovered this Mind Power Secret were carried on humans but the point of this is, that we must realize that on some level we are all connected. This intelligence field may be the key to most advanced mind power research, i.e. our connection with the morphogenetic field. Hemingway, too, realized this Mind Power Secret. Remember his observation in “For Whom the Bell Tolls?” This idea came from an ancient poem that meant, basically, if someone dies and also the bell from the village is tolling, don’t ask who is the bell tolling for, it is, on some level, also tolling for me.

Have you ever felt stabbing pain for any mother who has lost her child? This is a Universal pain, the joy of a newborn infant is a Universal joy. So, whatever we do for good or bad adds to this universal ocean. However, the biggest Mind Power Secret is this. Should you can connect yourself to this Universal Intelligence field, your intuition will flow naturally. The problem is, that in this day and age, we have dulled the faculty of tapping in to this Mind Power Secret. How many times have you ignored a “hunch” and been sorry later? Several in years past, I had been involved inside a business project that somebody convinced me I should do. I never felt how the project was for me. The day before the business project opened, I was physically sick. I had eaten nothing strange, and wasn’t over-stressed, but I had this haunting sensation this was not the best choice for me. Everything inside me was telling me not to do it. Later, the project was stalled because of an earthquake. Was my gut telling me that there was an earthquake on the way? No, not whatsoever, but it was definitely warning me that that project wasn’t for my highest good, and it proved not to be!

Having revealed the biggest Mind Power Secret, you may be asking but, how can I connect to this Universal Intelligence which includes also the expansion of human intelligence?. One of the most important ways you can do this is by silencing the chitter-chatter of your daily thoughts that buzz haphazardly inside your consciousness. The best method to do this really is by meditation. All spiritual paths as well as psychologists who are thinking about stress release and helping patients to live a peaceful life have recommended this practice.

Do you know a simple and effective method to meditate to connect to the Universal Mind?

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