Power of relations.

• Your happiness depends on your attitude toward life;

• You are so happy with how your mind is configured (” At this point I begin to customize my mind on happiness “);

• If you’re hoping for the best result, most likely you’ll seek it;

• Happiness is a choice that you can do at any moment, anywhere, everywhere;

• You can find a point of view from which every experience will have a positive value;

• “From this moment, I’ll look for something positive in everything”;

• Grain true happiness is gratitude. Looking for something for which you can be thankful;

• “unhappy or happy I only do my thoughts, not external circumstances. By controlling my thoughts, I run my happiness “.

2. The strength of the body.

• Traffic impacts on the senses;

• Exercises ease the stress in the body and cause chemical reactions that make us feel good. Engage in regular intervals – if possible, daily, at least 30 minutes;

• Food affects how we feel;

• Lack of natural light can cause a feeling of depression. You should be at least an hour a day in the open air, preferably in the sun.

3. The power moments.

• Happiness lies not in years, months, weeks, or even in the day, but it can be found in every moment;

• We can extract the best from our life only if we extract the best from every moment;

• Memories are made of special moments – accumulate them as much as possible;

• Remember that each new day is a new beginning, new life.

4. The strength of representations of yourself.

• We are as we consider ourselves;

• Each person is unique. He is a winner, as his chances of birthing this particular person was 1: 300 000 billion;

• People are our mirrors, but the curves mirrors;

• To overcome complexes and negative beliefs about yourself, you must create a positive self-image:

1) to determine how any negative perceptions appear and whether they are valid

2) daily express yourself positive statements about the kind of person you would like to become

3) behave exactly as if whom you would like to become

4) ask yourself what you like about yourself and about what you think with a respect

5) appreciate yourself, your appearance, time. There is nobody in the world like you.

5. The strength the goals.

• If you have a goal, then focus on the achievement of pleasure, not for deliverance from suffering;

• Objectives are those for which you stand up from you bed in the morning;

• Write down all your goals (short and long term) and re-read them in the morning, before bed and during the day.

6. The power of humor.

• A sense of humor makes it easy to stress;

• Laughter enhances the ability to focus and increase ability to solve problems;

• Under any circumstances one can find the funny side;

• Instead of the question, “What’s wrong with this situation?” ask yourself, “What’s funny about it?”;

7. The power of forgiveness.

• The ability to forgive is the key to unlocking the door of true happiness;

• You cannot be happy if you still hate and resentment. Remember that from your offense does not suffer from no one except yourself;

• Errors and failures are life’s lessons. Forgive others, forgive yourself.

8. The power of giving.

• Happiness cannot be found in the possession and purchase for you. It lies in the ability to give and help other people;

• The more joy and happiness you bring to others, the greater the gain itself;

• Every day, you can create your own happiness, looking for ways to give it to others.

9. The power of relationships.

• Quality of life depends on the quality of relationships with people;

• No one lives at the uninhabited island. Everyone feels the need for other;

• Close relationships make good times even more enjoyable, but difficult times – easier. Joy, which are divided – a double, an issue that divided – half the problem;

• Treat each person as if you will never see him again.

10. The power of belief.

• Faith is the foundation of true happiness;

• Without faith there cannot be the lasting happiness;

• Faith is a confidence in the people, calming the mind and frees the soul from doubt, anxiety, worry and fear.

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