Hotei is a symbol of the prosperity and wealth. The very name translates as a canvas bag. This is a very popular character. Hotei is one of the most popular mascots; he is the god of communication, happiness, prosperity and happiness. Hotei is able to predetermine the fate of human and assist in the implementation of the most cherished desires.

There are several versions of its images. Sometimes he holds the coins or the gold bars, a bag of riches, or pearl. Sometimes he is depicted with a gift horse that brings success in enriching. Statuette of Hotei that is sitting is the female mascot, called inskyay. Male mascot is standing or the dancing god, and it is called Yang. You should not forget about the conventions of these rules, and then Hotei will help you.

Revitalization of the mascot.

To activate this talisman, it is necessary to rub the figure of Hotei three hundred times in the stomach. It should be constantly thinking about what you want. Hotei statue can be placed at the front door in the hallway. Then it will bring honor and respect to you and to the members of your family. If you put it in the southern sector of the house, it will bring you the recognition. But the best way would be if you put it on the most prominent place in your home. If you have not one but several figures of Hotei, you can arrange them in the zones, depending on the symbolism of those objects, which holds the Hotei. When Hotei is holding a bamboo – place it in the health sector, and gold coins – in the sector of wealth, the pearl – in the sector of wisdom, etc.

Chinese coins are a symbol of good luck and wealth. Chinese coins are the mascots, which have wonderful power, as well as the most diverse symbols. Their shape symbolizes the merging of heaven and earth. Coin itself, which has a round shape, represents the sky, your creativity. A square hole in the coin symbolizes the earth and matter. This compound is able to activate the energy of abundance. And this energy, in turn, brings wealth and good fortune awakens to life. Chinese coin is a talisman of harmonizing of energy flows, space and time.

Also ancient Chinese coins can be used, and modern copies of them, that in the practice of fen shui is not irrelevant. However, there is a perception that ancient coins carry the genuine chi energy, and those coins were more appreciated in circulation during periods of happy government for the people. Chinese coins are have to wrap up into a yellow silk, and then sew them into the mattress, or simply put under the pillow.

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