If you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety disorders, help can come from more places than just a medicine bottle.  It can come from your family and it can come from yourself.  You can help yourself when the panic attacks come through what you eat and also how you live.  For more information on how food can help alleviate panic attacks, click here

Outside of what you eat, you can help yourself through how you live.  Helping yourself goes beyond simply getting plenty of rest and exercise.  Many sufferers of panic attacks find relief through learning relaxation techniques.  Breathing in deeply, holding the breath for five seconds, and exhaling slowly can help calm a person down when the feelings of anxiety arise.

Another item that is equally important is for a panic attack sufferer is that they maintain a list of trusted friends and familty who they can call when feelings of anxiety begin to rise.  This is self help because the sufferer must take the initiative to reach out to others.  It is not helpful to suffer alone when people are willing to be a sounding board and help talk the anxiety away.  Keep the list of willing listeners handy in a wallet or cell phone and use it.  For example, I have a list of people who can call me anytime day or night and they can call me.  This list was worked out ahead of time and should any feelings of anxiety arise that I cannot handle, I have their permission to call.

Another item that can help is the use of herbal remedys.  Remember to always consult your physician before using herbs as there is sometimes interactions between them and any drugs that may have been perscribed.  Chamomile, hops, and linden flower are all useful to decrease anxiety though prolonged use of chamomile should be avoided because of alergy considerations.  Fennell in tea form is useful for abdominal symptoms of panic attacks.

While this brief writing is too short to go into all the behavorial techniques that can learned to help alleviate anxiety, this brief list should provide some relief.  Remember to always consult your physician and keep them aware of the things that you are trying.

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