Having a panic attack is something that nobody likes to deal with. The feeling of your chest tightening as if you were having a heart attack is not good for anyone. There are actually ways that you can stop panic attacks without medication. They don’t involve a doctor, medication or a trip to the nearest pharmacy. I know all too well the unkind visit of a panic attack and have found personal ways that I deal with them, hopefully they will help you as well.

If you haven’t had a panic attack you can not possibly understand the cause behind them and so don’t treat that person as though they were crazy. They probably feel that way without you telling them so. However, if you have ever had a panic attack you understand the need to put an end to them. Panic attacks are generally created by stress of course. Isn’t stress the number one contributor of many things, panic attacks just being one of them? Therefore, it is no wonder that people wish to find ways to stop panic attacks without medication as many times the medication can just cause more problems.

With stress being the number one contributor to panic attacks you need to do what is necessary to cut down on he stresses in your life. You might think that sounds difficult to do but you just have to be dedicated to the solution and look at the bigger picture. If you think about what it is that causes you stress it will amaze you at the number of them that can be eliminated.

Let us say that the reason you are so stressed is because of your schedule. You have kids to run to soccer, violin practice, dinner to make and everyone in bed by nine with many other things left to do the rest of the week. Figure out a solution, whatever it takes, because if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy taking your kids to where they need to be then odds are you need to quit. Find someone to help carpool, break out the crock-pot to work on a good dinner the slow way and cut back on the things that give you that, “Oh man I’m stressed,” feeling.

Taking charge of your mental state is the best way to stop panic attacks without medication. When I feel as though something is really stressing me out, I decide if it is something I can change or not. Of course having bills and such is always going to be stressful, it is for everybody. But you know what? Everybody does have them, has had them and probably will always have them. The only difference is that some have just learned to accept that things such as bills and debt are always going to be a part of their lives and went on.

Looking at my checkbook sometimes I can just feel that pinch in my chest coming on when I see how tight things will be. If that happens I think to myself, “will my stressing actually change the situation?” In other words, will my stress and worry bring us any more money? No. All it will do is make me tired, cranky, and extremely stressed. Therefore, I take charge and tell myself to let it go, it will not change anything. And, that makes it a lot easier.

To stop panic attacks without medication simply means that you need to be aware of your own situation and be willing to take charge of it. Do you really want to allow the stresses of the world to run your life?

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