Healing Your Emotional Pain at times seems to be a situation that is not any part of our reality, because the sheer agony and bone-crushing, unbearable, searing mental stress and hurt can make reality seem like it is not real!

People say, “get a grip” or “it will be alright” or “don’t worry about it”. Many of those statements seems so trivial and useless at a time to where it feels like we are being assaulted with emotional pain and scarring that will never heal. And, if you are anything like me, sometimes you may want to tell them to “take a hike!”

However, we need to be mindful, there are actions that you can take that will begin to mentally idle you down and take some of the sting out of the emotional trauma that you are experiencing. Just implementing some of these things, even if it is just one or two, you can kick-offhealing emotional pain.

Yeah, I understand, but hey, the truth of the matter is you do not feel like doing anything at the moment. Yes, I know and understand! You may even feel like your world is collapsing around you and you are numb and do not give a crap about anything. I hear you!

To feel good again definitely seems a long freakin’ way off!

Here’s the deal my friend, you are not alone in this equation! The reality of the matter is that thousands, even millions are suffering the mental agony equal to or worst that yours and mine at this present time. Yes, for real!

The both of us can knock down these barriers, but it must be something bold and definitive to start the process. In your heart if you want out and want to begin healing emotional pain and scars, then pick something from the list below and start to do it, right away!

Don’t wait! Just get moving!

• Get up and go | Make the move right now to go | Go [/spin]for a walk, run, swim or any other training exercise that you can engage in for 45 minutes of continuous output. The beta-endorphin shot from your brain will begin to help you slowly change your mood. Beta-endorphins are feel good hormones and can create a sense of well being. This boost of feel good can last for hours and help you to start to work through your pain from a better vantage point.

• Meditative prayer to God Almighty! Sounds kind of flakey, huh? This is not your little 2 minute quick drill prayer. This is a prayer where you take the Bible find verses of strength, hope and overcoming and you verbally pray first, and then mentally pray in more of a meditative state of mind to our Heavenly Father. In your prayer, you are asking for peace and a removal of the pain.

• Pushing yourself to get out and help somebody who is in need! I strongly emphasize this, because this action alone can work miracles in terms of helping us begin to recover. When you assist others who are struggling and fighting through problems, it can take our focus off of us and often times changes our view on our problems. There is joy, satisfaction and reward in helping others, especially reaching out to those who are in far worst circumstances than us.

There are numerous things that could have been suggested here, but these are just 3 mere stepping stones to start the process of gaining the upper hand over your emotions that are disarray and begin healing your emotional pain.

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Author: Jeff Gadley is a former Registered Nurse, Olympic Athlete and Fitness, Health and Exercise Expert. Currently he writes helpful health articles to assist individuals with living a healthier lifestyle.


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