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If you are 1 out of the millions of people experiencing social anxiety and you are feeling really helpless feeling there is nobody to help you, then you are wrong. There are many more people suffering from this disorder. You have a chance of being hit by social anxiety if you have a problem with extreme shyness.

A few things that make the social anxiety patient fearful and stressed are:

• Being teased or criticized

• Getting to meet new people

• Having all the attention

• Seeing people who work in authorities position (some important people like supervisor)

• Being watched while working on something

• Most of the social gatherings

• Having interpersonal relations, friendly or romantic

You might be having social anxiety if these symptoms apply to you and the way you feel being social. Don’t lose hope and think that you are the only person having this problem and no one will come forward to help you. There are quite a few types of successful social anxiety medicine available today.

Cognitive-behavior therapy is one of the leading successful types of social anxiety treatments available today. Basically, cognitive behavior works with the brain and how and what we think. Since how we feel seems to be the major part on social anxiety, this therapy is a really good way of treatment for social anxiety. It teaches us on new ways of thinking and how to behave in social places. Cognitive behavior is widely used and is being recommended by lots of psychologists and therapists.

Cognitive behavior therapy has a chance to produce some long term changes in our lives but only when used consistently and hence this cognitive behavior therapy has been very successful as a treatment for social anxiety. But this result can be obtained provided the patient has no such health issues as dementia, brain damage, Alzheimer’s disease which might contribute to social anxiety. This cognitive behavior therapy will tell upon many types of cognitive times in our lives, which helps with our beliefs and new thoughts that comes up in our brain.

Medication is another treatment for social anxiety which is most of the times recommended with cognitive behavior therapy. Anti-anxiety, anti-depressant drugs, beta-blockers are few types of medications for physical symptoms which are helpful for social anxiety. Though there might be a feeling on the 1st day of taking the anti-depressant, it takes a few weeks for the drugs to act on the brain and the body and produce an actual effect on you. Medication actually just helps to lessen the anxiety while undergoing the therapy and does not completely cure the social anxiety. Medication must not be taken in your treatment for social anxiety alongside with the therapy. The therapy can be availed as an individual or group therapy. Only a trained therapist can recommend what you need best based on the needs.

By: Abhishek Agarwal

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