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Millions of people are affected by the common mental ailment called social anxiety which affects their enjoyment of life adversely. While some people who suffer from this disorder shy away from all social involvements, others are affected only in certain social situations and are incapable of performing in selective social situations. Howsoever, it is extremely difficult to cope up with social anxiety and social anxiety medications often pave the way initially to help the patients to become controlled enough to facilitate other forms of treatment.

Medications for social anxiety

A wide variety of medications are available for the treatment of both anxiety and depression in social anxiety disorder management. Medications for social anxiety belong to the MAOI or SSRI group of antidepressants. The medications are fast acting and very effective in the control of distressful symptoms of disorders of social anxiety. Although MAOI and SSRI anti-depressants work wonders in social anxiety disorders to help patients regain control while in public situations, these medications form only a part of the therapy prescribed. For effectively coping up with the symptoms, a multi-pronged therapy approach is used for most of the patients which works very well.

Treatments other than medications for social anxiety

There are many-a-tools of comprehensive therapy forms which are frequently used to treat people with disorder of social anxiety and which make them capable enough to resume their life again. Different forms of treatment are combined for social anxiety treatment and they can also be used concurrently with medications for social anxiety.

The different forms of treatment include the following:

*Cognitive Therapy: This form of treatment aims at teaching the patients to re-arrange their thought patterns in a positive manner to remove negative influences. They are taught how to push away irrational thoughts to focus on positive thoughts with positive outcome and are taught the methods to achieve this. Building of self-esteem and training of assertiveness etc. are also included in this therapy.

*Behavioral Therapy: This form of treatment aims at desensitizing the patient fears and leads him into the practice of skills required for social interactions. Mostly, this therapy makes use of group sessions which facilitate social interactions that the patients of social anxiety dread.

*Other therapy: This may include visualization, self-hypnosis and meditation. Regular practice of this therapy as self-help measures helps the patients of social anxiety disorders cope up with the symptoms and overcome them so that life can be enjoyed.

Disorders of social anxiety can be terrible for patients and their family members. If the symptoms are not treated, they tend to worsen. That is the reason the patients should seek help as soon as possible. Medications for social anxiety are definitely effective when they form a part of a composite treatment package.

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