Lots of people don’t understandthe difference between Social Phobia and Shyness. Perhaps you are one of those people and you are wondering if you or someone you love is just shy, or if they have a problem that requires treatment. This information is designed to help you understand both shyness and social anxiety, and to give you ideas on how to approach both.

Shyness is just a kinder, gentler social anxiety.

The best way to distinguish between shyness and social anxiety would be to consider that shyness is simply a mild form of social anxiety. Generally, those who are shy find that it’s very little impact on their daily lives. For those is social anxiety, however, the problem could be nearly debilitating.

Many people are shy. In fact, while some individuals are shy most of time, most people feel shy some of the time. Maybe they have moved to a brand new neighborhood or find themselves in a party where they do not know many people. At that time anyone might feel just a little uncomfortable or reluctant to talk.

For those with social anxiety, however, every social occasion feels uncomfortable. They might even panic at the idea of attending an event, or finding someone new. That’s the reason so many people with social anxiety find it difficult to date or even just speak with someone over the phone.

Its often hard to cope.

Another distinction between shyness and social anxiety lies in the capacity of the individual to manage. Someone who is shy may not want to speak before a crowd, but he is able to overcome his fear through determination, practicing his speech before the mirror, etc. For somebody with social anxiety, however, giving a speech is unthinkable. They would even risk losing their jobs rather than talk before an organization.

While shyness tends to have very little physical impact on a person, social anxiety can make the suffered physically ill. Some with social anxiety break out in a sweat or feel nauseous at the mere reference to a social event. While somebody who is shy find such events draining, someone with social anxiety may even imagine these to be deadly.

Right now you may be thinking, “I’ve always thought the main reason I do not like meeting new people was that i was shy. I’d also be terrified to offer a speech before others. Is it possible that have social anxiety?” To learn more to help you answer this question, click the button below.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder

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