Preventing panic attacks is a must for your well-being. Imagine walking down the street and suddenly being paralyzed with fear that someone is watching you. You quickly rush home, lock your doors, make sure the windows are shut tight and worry. You worry someone will get in and how you’d get out if they actually broke in. Overwhelmed with fear, sweat beads down your face and you begin to tremble. If you’ve ever experienced something like this you were probably having a panic attack. Panic attacks come and go without warning, but there are ways to actually avoid one from happening.

The best ways of avoiding panic attack is by learning ways to prevent one from occurring. Yes, this sounds easier than it really is. The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out what causes your attacks to come on. Do you get anxious in crowded places? If you do have attacks try going at a less crowded time. Sometimes time can’t be avoided, instead if it is for shopping make a list of what you’ll need before going. Go off that list and get through the store. Don’t rush, rushing only speeds up your blood pressure and makes matters worse.

Some panic attacks come in the form of literally getting sick while others are only things getting on your nerves. A person may vomit, hot flashes, dizziness and even headaches, some recognize these right away while others dismiss them as something totally different. By learning the signs of your own panic attacks can help you prevent them in the future. The next time you have one jot it down inside a journal, remember all things. Where were you? How did you feel? Was it a scent? People? Day or night? Location? Once you’ve done this you are one step closer to avoiding the next one.

Not all panic attacks are small, some actually become very dangerous, one might have an asthma attack, heart attack or go into a diabetic shock. When one begins to focus on what is wrong with them they tend to start freaking out. Don’t! Stop and think about what is causing it and think of how you can overcome it. Getting excited about it will speed the blood pressure, stop your breathing and drop your sugar rate, causing all types of things to go wrong.

Need a reason to want to learn to prevent a panic attack? Simple. Imagine yourself having a child that is going to be on stage for a performance and would love for you to be there. Only problem is you have panic attacks in closed areas, or inside crowds. By learning ways to prevent the attack you’ll be able to go, watch your child and maybe even shake a few hands in the end. Watch the joy on your child’s face and it’ll be worth it.

If these don’t seem to help try visiting a psychiatrist and seeing what their advice is. Maybe your problem is deeper than you think, the only way of knowing is to get professional help. If you really don’t want to go to a psychiatrist you can get a full physical done at the hospital and find out if you have any other illnesses. This will normally show you if there is something else going on in your body and is the perfect chance to tell your doctor your fears.

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