The first step – Create your own destiny

My goals:

Momentary …

Short-term …

Medium-term …

Long-term …

The second step – You have to have a sensible view of things

Identify your personal characteristics, strengths and talents;

Name 3 possibilities how to develop each side and your talents;

Develop an action plan to realize these opportunities;

Concentrate all efforts on achieving the personal goals;

Complete the table: Points Strong points Weak points Opportunities Talents

Mental – – – –

Communication – – – –

Emotional – – – –

Physical – – – –

The third step – Set your goals

Goal is a desire with the date of the exercise.

The main features:

Does this goal describe everything that I want to achieve in a complete way?

Is this goal measurable?

Is it possible to estimate it accurately?

Is it difficult?

Does it require the effort and discipline?

Is this goal realistic?

Is it possible to achieve this goal?

How will I measure my progress?

The fourth step – Believe in it until you will get it!

Fear can help you to achieve more goals if you learn how to manage it. The best way to cope with fear is to recognize it.

To begin, select any situation in which you experienced fear.

Now finish the following sentences:

In this situation, I’m afraid that_______________________________________

In the worst case_________________________________________________

In the best case_________________________________________________

The fifth step – Hope for a good harvest, but continue to work the soil

Do not worry about what will happen or not. This will happen if you stubbornly go ahead.

If you want to succeed, we must sow the seeds of success, not the failure.

The sixth step – Please be patient

Set a goal. Work. Move in the right direction. Every week and every month you have to celebrate your progress. If necessary, make a chart or table.

Do not change the goal, even if you do not have time to set time frame. It is better to change the course.

The seventh step – Respect yourself

You are the only at yourself, so take care of yourself. Learn to be disciplined, respect your mind, body and spirit. Think about that you bring the benefit to everything you touch. And when you will understand this – not just believe in it but understand it – you will start to see the fruits of all your efforts.

The people will become to reach to you and there will be the circumstances that will help you to realize all your dreams. Evaluate yourself and the people that surround you also will appreciate you according to the merit.

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