Setting goals and in your life is the single most essential task in the entire process of making the life you always dreamed about. Can you imagine that almost 95% of all people simply don’t do this?. And the rest of the 5% do it, but only 10% of this insignificant number ever reach their goals. This is the reason why so many masses struggle and businesses fail.

Tap Into the Infinite Power of Your subconscious mind and Explore Your Manifesting Power

The subconscious processes about 400 billion bits of information per second and the impulses move at a speed of up to 100,000 mph! Compare this to your conscious mind, which processes only about 2,000 bits of data per second and its impulses travel only at 100-150 mph. Your conscious mind is virtually a dim-witted cousin of the subconscious mind. I am sure you have experienced at some time or another driving you car, and for an instant during the drive, you suddenly became aware that you were driving. Prior to that sudden conscious jolt into the present moment, your conscious mind was busy with thinking and your subconscious mind drove the car – all on its own.

You might have the strongest desire to achieve something, but as long as your subconscious mind holds a particular feeling that is not lined up with that desire, nothing will ever happen to manifest the desire. This is the single most important fact you have to understand. The single most essential thing to understand is that you set your goals with your conscious mind and you reach them with your subconscious mind.

This is where the Dream Manifestation Kit comes in, an award winning software application that supports and guides you in manifesting exactly what you want. There is now a remarkably simple solution for manifesting your goals, dreams and desires in life. A simple and highly efficient process, using the power of your intention combined with dynamic images and your own voice, to re-program your mind for instant and lasting Success. Once started, the Wizard will ask you what goal or dream you want to manifest in your life. The built-in Dream Questionnaire can guide you in answering by exploring your strengths and talents. It will help you focus on what you really desire.

The Most Remarkable Way to Rewire Your Brain.

Every time you see your goal or intent presented by the Dream Manifestation Wizard on your screen you physically rewire your brain by making new neural pathways. This is the most powerful way to change the definition of yourself.??|Once you know your dreams, you write them into a Dream Template. By adding related pictures and your own voice, you are creating a multimedia event for your senses. This alone will make you feel excited and motivated, and will improve the overall effectiveness of your creative power.

Unlock the hidden power inside you to manifest lasting changes in your life and society. Use the latest technology and discoveries in quantum physics to create an extraordinary life. Experience the Magic of Turning Your Desires into Intention!

The Dream Manifestation Wizard is currently the only program of its kind that includes a powerful electronic Coach. You know that your beliefs create your life experience.

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To your Success…

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