Discover that there is no great undiscovered secret about personal development and self awareness. The heart of personal focus – the key to your happiness – and your personal growth is to be discoverd in asking yourself one simple question. How are you feeling? A simple question – the answer to which can provide you with both a major insight and an eye-opening opportunity. Personal growth or self improvement is all about awareness and, most importantly, self awareness. In short, how you are feeling right now! Observing how you’re feeling is not the first step on the road to awareness, it’s the only step – if you reflect on your findings in a mindful and focused way.

So, stop for a moment and pose the question. Perhaps you feel really happy, at peace, relaxed, in the whole of your health, full of the joys of life. However, chances are that you’re feeling one or more of the following: stressed, annoyed, exhausted, on edge, anxious, worried, hassled, confused, all over the place, fearful… The fact – and it’s an actual psychological fact – is that, if you feel unsettled in any way, you’re living in the world of make believe – your own subconscious mind makes you believe that you really do feel that way.

What you must realize is that it isn’t your life that stresses you out or worries you – it’s what you think is going on at this moment in time that is doing the damage. Pull yourself together and take control of your mind – you’ll take control of what you’re feeling and you will start influencing what happens you in life.

If you actually open your eyes to what’s really going on where you are and what you’re doing right here, right now and contrast this with what you think you’re feeling, it will dawn on you that the real world is very different from where you thought you were living. At this moment, as you breathe in and out, you don’t have any real or lasting problems. Worries, like everything else, simply pass on. As a test of this, ask yourself what you were annoyed or worried about this time last year – or even last week! In this moment of insight you might also understand that there are things happening before your very eyes that you couldn’t see because you were blinkered by your own useless subconscious programming. These things are called opportunities – take off your blinkers and you’ll discover that they’re all around you.

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