Moreover, simply as there is no real destruction of matter during any of Nature’s processes—all seeming destruction character but a transformation—so within the case before us there is a transformation of the energy released appearing in the thought or emotional process. We may grasp this idea more clearly if we consider what takes place into transformation of electrical energy. For instance, transmit a strong current of electricity over a fine wire, or filament of carbon, and lo! the current is transformed into light. Use another nature of channel of transmission, and the current is transformed into heat. Every electric light, or electric heating apparatus is proof of this. appearing in the same way, the electric current is sent into space within the brand of wireless waves. These waves coming participating in contact with certain forms of apparatus are transformed into forms of force which are registered and interpreted by the wireless operator.

participating in the same way, the telepathic waves of energy are sent forth by the activity released by the thought or emotion state. These waves travel during every direction, and when they come during contact with physical apparatus sufficiently sensitive to register them, they may be reproduced or retransformed into thought or mental states similar to those which initially sent them forth. You talk into the receiver of the telephone, and the sound waves are transformed into waves of electricity. These electric waves travel over the wires, and on reaching the other end of the telephone circuit are again transformed into sound-waves which are heard by the ear of the listener. Well, then, when your brain sends out thought waves, these travel until they are received by the apparatus during the brain of another person, when they are re-transformed into viewpoint of the same form that initially caused the thought-waves. I will enclose much more toward say on this subject appearing in the next chapter. I will pause here to point out the difference between the phenomena of this type of telepathy, and the higher mode which is in actuality a phase of clairvoyance.

Now, in the case of what may be called a clairvoyant-telepathy, or astral telepathy, the ordinary thought-waves play but a small part. Instead of these, there is a transmission of force along the channels of the astral plane. It is almost impossible en route for describe the phenomena of the astral plane in the terms of the physical. I may illustrate the matter, appearing in a common way, by saying that is something like your astral self truly extending itself out until it touches the astral self of the other person, and thus in reality “feels” the astral activities there, instead of it personality a case of something like waves travelling along space between brain and brain. Do you search out this clearly? This is about as near en route for it as I can explain it in the direction of you at this place. Telepathy is merely a matter of the transmission and receiving of waves of vibratory force which have travelled along the ether between two persons. But clairvoyance or astral-telepathy is something like your mind creature extended out until it in truth touches the mind of the other person and sees what is there.

I shall have much to say regarding the working out of the processes of clairvoyance, as we proceed. I cover merely given the above explanation for the purpose of distinguishing between universal telepathy and clairvoyance, so as toward prevent you from falling into a universal error. Now let us consider the phenomena of familiar telepathy—this is very wonderful appearing in itself, although it is on a lower plane of activity than its astral or clairvoyant counterpart.

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