During our long life all we ever thought about the question: “How to get money?” People used to do it in a great variety of ways. Today too many people are skeptical about the magic methods to attract money. But one should not deny that such methods are really ineffective. But is it not better to try? Here below some examples of the magic of raising funds.

The getting of money out of sleep.

Such a method is referred to the magic of the dreams. In principle, from the sleep you can get any state as well as objects.

Dreaming is not only a “product of psychological activities” as usually say the psychologists. Dreaming is a separate reality, and it is no longer a secret. As you can take with you some things into your dreams as you can get necessary things for you from that reality.

If you had a dream in which you got a lot of money, after you wake up, you need the power of thought to “transfer” the money from the reality in this world, pulling them from your sleep. This can be compared to how to transfer the money through the bank from some remote location to your hometown. If you do this, they will surely materialize in the form of unexpected benefits, bonuses, pay, etc.

The spell how to attract the money fast.

This spell should be used only if the money is sorely needed to you. You should not use it for your own gain. First you need to build a special range for which you will need the following materials: ten coins in denominations of one dollar, consecrated water and a bowl. Next you need to light two green candles, and between them put a bowl of holy water. After this the spell is pronounced as follows:

Let pockets filled, let the money come into my house as soon as I fill this cup with water.

Then take a coin and throw each of them in a bowl of water. You need to impose above each. For every coin you have to say a single line:

I wish a good luck,

I wish the wealth,

I wish the gold,

I wish the happiness,

I wish the abundance,

I wish the silver,

I wish the help,

I wish the health,

I wish that in my life, money come,

I wish this all and let it be so!

Leave the bowl on the altar, and let the candle burn out. This ritual will attract money during the next few days.

You can take all this into account, and can easily be applied to all skeptical. Well, you have the right to choose!

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