Worried about money, anxiety about job security, worried about children, fearful of personal security, obsessed by feelings of inadequacy – such are the things that entertain the normal mind. Sadly, psychology confirms time and time again that the normal mind is plagued with negative thought. This negativity is formed in the subconscious – that part of your mind that was programmed with this form of negative thinking during our childhood years – and is nurtured by the ubiquity of bad news, negative comment and the horror stories on which the media thrives. We are surrounded – from within and without – by the negative.

For some, that negativity leads to anxiety – we become anxious about all the things that we don’t want to befall us. And this anxiety often leads to fear – again, fearful of the things that we don’t want to happen. And, for some, that anxiety can lead to downright panic – and that panic sometimes overtakes us without any prior warning.

The first thing that you have to understand is that, if you’re feeling anxious, panicked or fearful, it has nothing to do with the real you – it is the product of an over-enthusiastic personality. Your personality – the person that you think you are – is a fiction comprised of all the psychological pictures that you ‘snapped’ when you were young and impressionable. You ’snapped’ events that made an impression on you at that time and, now, your subconscious mind is using those snapshots to create what you perceive as your reality. And, because your subconscious automatically directs your energy into these negative emotions, you generally end up proving yourself correct – you were right to worry, right to be anxious, right to be fearful – your life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Research tells us that we are only able to perceive and experience what we expect to perceive and experience. So, if we change our expectations, our experience of life will change. This, however, is easier said than done because, as I have already said, not only is your subconscious mind occupied by the long-term squatters of negative thought, we are surrounded by other people who are stuck in the same nightmare. It is a challenge to envisage life being so different.

So, you’ve got to start re-building your naturaly ability to ignore useless, self-sabotaging and negative thought by redirecting your attention to what is real. Reality is before your very eyes in right here, right now. To be blunt, this breath might just be your last – you had better get busy experiencing, living and capitalizing upon the reality of the here and now. The now is a place where anxiety, fear and panic are simply not. It is a place where real action is taken – action that will point your life in the perfect direction. It is a place where challenges are met head on – without fear or anxiety.

However, try explaining this to someone who is desperate. Try explaining this to someone who has thrown in the towel. Try telling someone who is overcome with panic that it isn’t real. You’ve got to develop your ability to experience, appreciate and live in the now when it doesn’t matter so that you can be fully focused, fully alert, fully armed, when it does matter. So, tomorrow morning, take ten minutes to simply sit down and pay attention to what your five senses are telling you – not what your imaginary personality thinks that they are telling you. Root out that imposter – out of your life – and see where life might take you.

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