1] What would be the difference between fear and phobia?
Fear is a standard psychological phenomenon to humans. Its purpose is to indicate the presence of danger. It allows the individual to generate means and resources to resolve traumatic conditions.
A phobia is really a disorder indicated by intense fear, persistent, excessive and irrational objects or specific conditions, usually accompanied by increased Social anxiety along with a pronounced propensity to avoid them.

2] Can excessive heat trigger me to have a panic attack?
What can prompt a panic attack often is the allocation or subjective interpretation to be given to the symptoms caused by heat.
For instance: If I believe the burden and excessive perspiration, caused by extreme heat, are unsafe or that my life is at risk, it is possible to activate a panic attack. Not by the heat itself, but by contemplating it.

3] Is it true that meditation works as a cure for Social anxiety disorder
Meditation is one among the many resources that may be useful to relieve anxiety. Relaxation exercises: For instance, training in diaphragmatic breathing, muscle relaxation or tension, are also effective in decreasing the uneasiness of anxiety. One must always assess which resources are most fitting for everyone indevidualy, because for many people certain exercises can increase physical and cognitive signs or symptoms of anxiety.

4] How to Stop Panic Attacks ?
The treatment which has shown superior effectiveness in helping people overcome phobias or any anxiety disorders is called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), as it enables long-term achievements.
The cognitive component focuses on identifying and modifing erroneous cognitions so as to determine the appearance of hysteria and fear of a situation or object.

5] How does alcohol have an effect on Angst?
Alcohol may interact with anxiety in different ways.
Often it works as a social lubricant,it can help decrease anxiety levels, easing social limitations and inhibitions.
Regrettably, these benefits contrast with the dark side of alcohol use, like:
Poor balance, memory and prejudiced opinion, problems with logical thoughts. This damage often leads someone to feel more weak, and anxious.
Also it often leads to some feelings of deep sadness, and often times panic attacks may occur.
If the person uses alcohol as a source to relax it is possible that this pattern is repeated continuously. The danger of this is a development of an addiction to alcohol.

6] Is stress the same as a panic attack?
More often than not they are terms used interchangeably, although they are not.
One dissimilarity is that in the case of stress, it implies burden and pressures.
Meanwhile Social anxiety is definitely an inner experience.
Individuals with anxiety are perceived as irrational. Someone might feel anxious without knowing why, or in response to a concern that it acknowledges as not being significant.
“Stress” means driving force, demand for energy.
Perceived stress is more reasonableits also seen as a response to new problems, new conditions.

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