Anxiety disorders are varied and include things like social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and phobias.

There are different kinds of disorders like social anxiety disorder, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), phobias, panic attacks etc. Anxiety disorders are not rare. There are millions of people who tolerate these troubles sometimes in their whole lifetime.

The reason why you could have got anxiety disorder may vary. There might be one reason or a combination of many reasons. Let us research some of the causes of an anxiety disorder.

Firstly, a lot of people might be concerned about reading whether anxiety disorders are hereditary in nature or not. Recent studies indicate a possibility of this happening. For example – if a father has an anxiety disorder, it is highly likely that his kids may display similar symptoms as well. However it is not absolutely essential that the children may develop disorders – it is just a huge possibility.

Secondly, household life may play an crucial role too. If children are nurtured watching elders in their family displaying panic behaviors then it is likely to have an effect on them too! If they see self confident individuals with healthy self-esteems then they are likely to show such behavior when they grow up. A child is a great observer and usually catches the behavior of the adults to whom he is constantly exposed during the childhood.

So when a child develops panic ridden behavior, it may very well be due to the family environment and not exactly due to genetics. Therefore it is crucial for adults to handle their disorders, treat them and learn how to stop a panic attack so that they don’t exhibit such behaviors in front of their kids.

Additional factors like relations between parents etc can also have an impact on the child. If a child has a traumatic childhood then anxiety disorders are likely to pop up later on in his life. On the other hand, children with contented and normal childhoods may be unhampered by such problems in their life. Even if they face stressful situations later on in life, they may deal with them with ease and stay free from any panic problems.

Learning to effectively handle stress is another important skill which can help people in avoiding anxiety related problems. If someone has the ability to stay calm under pressure, remain positive despite setbacks and does not easily lose hope then such a person may find it easy to overcome anxiety and worries.

In order to stop panic attack and stop worrying, we need to stay positive and committed to our goals or solutions. We need to work on improving our self esteem and develop a positive outlook of life. People with positive outlook of their lives usually remain very immune to stress. Such people become stress-resistant as they know how to handle pressure. This is an important step in overcoming anxiety disorders.

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