If you have ever experienced one you’ll agree that it quite possibly is the most terrifying thing one can face. We’re not talking about watching an especially scary horror movie. Nor are we discussing the latest wild roller coaster. It is much worse. We are discussing panic and anxiety attacks. Those afflicted seek any guidance possible when it comes to overcoming panic attacks.

Of initial importance is to understand from where they come. Since prehistoric times, mankind has been both blessed and cursed with a response commonly called “fight or flight”. This innate instinct prompts us to avoid danger. Without it, man very well may have perished long ago. The problem is that in today’s modern world, the response is often triggered at inappropriate times.

Do you experience sudden change of emotion triggered for no apparent reason? Have you felt impending doom out of the thin blue air with no readily ascertainable cause? These are both hallmarks of a panic attack. Your “fight of flight” response is kicking in. However, it is doing so when not needed and only serving to potentially put you in danger as opposed to save you from it. This is especially true when it happens while driving or other such potentially hazardous activity.

Various medications have been used to address this disorder, however none have had uniformly positive results. Medication today is obviously expensive, and many have concerns regarding use of medication when other alternatives are available. There is much anecdotal evidence that there exists a more holistic approach to dealing with this phenomenon.

Panic and anxiety attack sufferers have successfully utilized techniques gleaned from Far Eastern medicine. Meditation during the onset of an attack proves highly effective in controlling the duration and intensity of the attack. Simple methods such as counting your breaths or focusing on an imaginary point in space can be employed producing dramatic results.

Similarly, many have found success availing themselves to accupuncture and accupressure treatment. Therapeutic massage is also referenced as a chemical free alternative to reducing the frequency of panic or anxiety attacks. Much has been written and myriad testimonials to various remedies can be found online. It is incumbent upon you to find the one that works best to address your attacks.

Other common sense steps can be taken. Many times, these attacks are situational. If you notice attacks occur during a given life scenario it might be best to avoid that circumstance in the future. For others, attacks can be associated with a given food or drink. Again, common sense would dictate sufferers identify and then seek to excise the offending substance from their diet.

All of this information is just a start. A plethora of advice, research, studies and testimonials from other sufferers is out there for your use. Avail yourself of these resources and become educated on various solutions that may not have occurred to you previously. Much can be done towards the goal of overcoming panic attacks.

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